Divine Songs On Lord Shiva By Rishi Agastiya




Agastiya is an ancient sage and he is also considered as one among the 18 Siddhars. He was mentioned in Puranas and also in some ancient Tamil Holy Texts, and his statue can be found in some temples along with his consort Ma Lopamudra. Some portion of Vedic texts was dedicated to Rishi Agastiya and Ma Lopamudra, and he was mentioned in Rig Veda.

Agastiya was also mentioned in the Holy epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Agastiya has got the permission to visit Shiva and Parvati at any time in the Kailash Mountain, and even the great Lord Nandikeswara would not deny his entry in the Kailasa, since Agastya is also considered as an “AMSHA” of Lord Shiva. Agastiya has also written some holy texts and he has stayed in the Pothigai Mountain ranges for several thousands of years. He is also regarded as one of the Saptharishis, and it is believed that he and his consort Ma Lopamudra were residing in the Saptarishi Mandala by meditating on Lord Shiva.

Some of the beautiful contents present in his holy texts are as follows:-

Oh my Lord Shiva, you are wearing the holy serpent as your garland and you contain three eyes. Your body is fully smeared with sacred ash and you are considered as the greatest among all the Gods, and you have been praised by the Shiva mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, by your devotees.

Oh my beloved Lord Shiva, You are the leader of Lord Nandi and all other Shiva Ganas, and you have been worshipped by holy flowers, and you are very fond of the sweet dish, “THIRUVADIRAI KALI”.

Oh my great Lord Shiva, You are very auspicious and you look like the early morning fresh sun and you have been always pleasingly attended by your near and dear consort Ma Parvati, who looks like the newly blossomed lotus flower.

Oh My Dear Lord Shiva, You have destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha, through your beloved son Veerabhadra, and you have consumed the “HALA HALA POISON”, in order to save the entire living beings from the destruction. You contain the holy Trident, and you are very fond of dancing and doing penance.

Oh my worshipful Shiva, You have been always praised by me as well as by my counterparts, Vasishtha, Viswamitra, Parasurama and Gautama, and also by all other gods and goddesses. Since you wear the holy moon on your head, you are also called as “SOMANATHAR”.

Oh My Guru Shiva, You are very much pleased with the performance of fire sacrifices, you contain matted hair, and there is no beginning or end for you.

Oh my father Shiva, You have been always praised by the Nayanmar saints in the holy mountain Kailasa, and you contain supernatural powers. Those who recite your names and sanctifies you by the way of performing holy bath to you would get all kinds of prosperity in their life, and they would never suffer in this difficult Kaliyuga. Those who worship you sincerely would get relieved from death related fear, and they would lead a healthy and a wealthy life for a long period. You are very kind enough to call the great Karaikal Ammaiyar as Ammaiye, since you consider all of your true devotees similar to you.