Early Morning Prayers

Early Morning Prayers

T"øpO"# _X"ZNp

@¡ZpBpøu \"_"O"u “bX"r, @¡ZX"RY"u _"Z_\"O"r$

@¡ZX"t“u O"s Bppu{\"SQ#, T"øW"pO"u @¡ZQðpêS"X"o:

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmeeh, Karmadhye Saraswatee.

Karamoole tu Govindah, Prabhaate kara darshanam.

The front of hands (i.e. finger tips) is ascribed to Laxmi (Goddess of

wealth), the middle of the hands to Saraswati, and the root (i.e. part of

hands near to the wrist) to Govinda. Therefore, every morning one should

respectfully have a look at one’s hands (which symbolizes honest labor).

_"X"sç\"_"S"u Qu\"r, T"\"ê_O"S"X"NL>“u$

{\"^NpsT"[OS" S"X"_O"sWY"z, T"pQ_T"ðpê b"X"_\"X"u:

Samudra vasane Devi, parvata stana mandale

Vishnupatni namastubhyam, Paada sparsha kshamasvame.

O! Mother Earth, who has the ocean as clothes and mountains

and forests on her body, who is the wife of Lord Vishnu, I bow to

you. Please forgive me for touching you with my feet.