Expression Of Bhakti

Expression of Bhakti



We can express our bhakti on god in various ways like singing, dancing, visiting temples, doing meditation, chanting his names and mantras and performing pujas and doing divine discourses. Some housewives would chant the Mantras of the deities while cooking and while doing other household chores like cleaning vessels and washing clothes etc. Whatever type of bhakti we may express on the god must be true, and then only it would be properly acknowledged by the almighty.

Some people would never go to temples, and they would never chant any names or mantras of the deities, but they used to express their bhakti on their soul itself. Some people would regularly visit the temples just to convey their sufferings, and they would do it as a routine job. Some people would go to a higher extent, and they used to tell, “I have already got everything only through my good luck, and hence, there is no need for me to worship the god”. But they would realise the importance of the god only during the times of their sufferings.

Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita tells like this, “Those who criticise me, scolds me, and ignores me in their life, are also considered as my devotees, since though they hates me, but their thoughts are focussed on me. Most of the time, they are thinking about me, even though they might thought badly about me, but I consider their hatred also as praise, and I am showering my grace on to them also”.

Likewise, Lord Krishna had given salvation to the wicked Kamsa, Sishubala and other demons, even though they have criticised him throughout their life time. The great saint and poet Surdas, though he was born as blind, but kept great bhakti on Lord Krishna, and though he was ignored by his own parents, but he was protected by Lord Krishna throughout his life time, and Lord Krishna used to interestingly hear the songs sung by Surdas, by sitting near to him. If the blind Surdas was able to develop bhakti on Lord Krishna even without knowing about his beautiful appearance, then by having two eyes, and after enjoying the divine beauty of Lord Krishna in the temples and in the pictures, why can’t we develop more and more bhakti on Lord Krishna?

We can also express our bhakti on the god, by the way of listening to divine songs. Nowadays most of the youngsters are very much interested in listening to film songs. They used to hear the songs using headphones, and at that time they would forget about the entire world, and they would be in the dream world. Their parents can give suitable advices to them in order to allocate some time for hearing bhakti songs also, and through their repeated requests, in course of time, the children might slowly change their path, and would try to listen bhakti songs also. In course of time, they would get addicted with those divine songs, and would become sincere devotees of the deities.

In recent times, we might have watched in the Medias about attacking its own people by some terrorist groups in a violent manner. The people in that country are fleeing from their motherland, in order to save their lives. It is believed that, this tough situation prevails in that country, due to the curse given by Ma Gandhari to her brother Saguni, who was once ruled that country during the Mahabharata period. The curse once given by a chaste and a pure hearted woman cannot be changed even by the god. But it can be somehow stopped, if we all sincerely pray to Lord Krishna, by considering those people as our own brothers and sisters in order to save them from the clutches of the terrorists, and to give a new life for them.