Famous Quotes Of Sri Sathya Saibaba Of Puttaparthi




Sri Sathya Saibaba who real name was Sri Sathya Narayan Raju, was a great spiritual Guru and a noble philanthropist, who was considered to be an avatar of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Since several years, he attracts the devotees through his divine touch, and relieved many diseases of the devotees. Though, some people were against his divine acts, but most of them were recognized him as a Divine person.

Sri Sathya Saibaba had founded the Sathya Sai Trust for providing various good services to the people. He has got lot of political and sports personalities as his followers. In recognition to his spiritual service, the Indian government had introduced postage stamps with his image. His aim was based on peace, joy, spirituality, courage, generosity, wisdom and humanity. Throughout                   his life, he lived a pious life, and acted as an example for others, still his devotees and followers considers him as equivalent to god.

Some of the famous quotes of Sri Sathya Saibaba are as follows:-

Our Life is like a big ocean, and hence let us sail safely, in order to reach the shore.

Always behave softly and gently with others.

Surrender yourself at the lotus feet of the god.

Education is a must, in order to live peacefully in future.

God is apart from caste and religion.

Without having faith on the god, we cannot do anything in this world.

Lust, anger, greed, ego, jealousy must be removed from our mind, or otherwise, our entire life would get spoiled.

Desires are the root cause of all of our problems.

Love is wonderful. Hence love others, in order to get yourself loved by the god.

Life is a mixture of happiness and sufferings hence we have to build up a strong mind, in order to face any kind of challenges in the world.

Do not talk unnecessarily with others. Since too much of talk would lead to clashes with others.

Charity must be done in a whole heartedly manner, and make sure that your help reaches the appropriate people.

Be simple, honest, straight forward and sincere.

Life is a challenge, face it! Life is a dream, feel it! Life is divine, enjoy it!

Learn how to speak, what to speak and when to speak with others.

Don’t waste your time, since every moment is considered to be very precious in our life.

Let us pray to the almighty for the wellness of the entire living beings in the earth.

Love cannot be attained by forcefulness, and it must come on its own way.

Good character would build your life very strong.

Always be in the company of active and wise people, and ignore the dull and the lazy people.

There is no limit for god’s grace.

While reading a book, try to understand the contents and then read it, or otherwise there is no use in reading the book at all.

Always keep you mind actively, and don’t become lazy.

Our life is purely temporary in nature, hence before our death, try to help others as much as possible.

If you reach one step towards the God, then god would come closely and stood before you.

Without hard work, you cannot climb up in your chosen career ladder.

Do not get attached with sensual pleasures since it would not last long, instead of that, get attached with spiritual pleasures, since you would never get bored with that.

Act as a best example for others.

Respect all the women and consider them as the holy incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi, and then you would always be blessed by the great mother, Ma Shakti Devi.

While doing any work, concentrate your attention only on that.

Our soul is the home for the god.

Do not think always about your health, instead of that, always keep thinking about the god, and then he would take care of your health condition.

We are having twenty four hours in a day, and hence don’t say, that I don’t have sufficient time.

Experience only would teach lot of good things to us.

Simply living in this world is of no use, hence try to invent new things, and make your name to spread across the globe.

God has gifted this life to us, in order to understand about the significance of spiritualism.

God dwells in all the objects, and he dwells even in a small dust particle.

Don’t criticise the god for your bad fate, since god doesn’t create anyone to suffer.

God’s creations are wonderful, his acts are marvellous, and his teachings are noble.