Glossary of the terms used in this section

Aarti– from the Sanskrit word Aratrika is a ritual which forms part of worshipping deities in Hinduism. Ghee soaked wicks or camphor is lighted and waved in front of deities as the concluding part of Puja or worship. Aarti songs are sung when the worship is offered.

Mantra-sacred utterances that may include a sound, a syllable, a word or groups of them. Regular chanting of the mantra is part of worship and meditation in several religions including Hinduism, Buddhism.

Puja– Worship/ adoration of deities

Sloka/Shloka is a traditional category of verse line developed from the Vedic Anustubh. It is the basis for Indian epic verse, the shloka is treated as a couplet.

Stotra- a hymn addressed to god. It can be a prayer, a description, or a conversation and may not follow rigid rules of composition.

Subhashita– an aphorism, maxim, advice, fact, truth, lesson or riddle

Sukta– Vedic hymns or songs in praise of various deities. Regular chanting of the Suktams leads to the purification of the body and mind.

Vandana-offering prayers, worship, obeisance