God Has Given Body Parts For Worshipping Him Only

Lord Krishna



God has given this beautiful body to us for worshipping him only. God’s creations are all wonderful and meaningful. Each and every soul takes the body as per their past karma. A good soul would be a blessed one, and would take a healthy body during the time of its birth itself, whereas a sinful soul would take an unhealthy body or would be born as handicap. Lord Krishna tells, “In any way, I am not related with your own Karma. I am the omnipotent, and my powers are filled throughout the universe. If anyone realise me fully, then he would be free from the cycle of births, and would merge with me”.

God has created us, and he has given various organs, in order to use it in a proper manner. He has given eyes to us, in order to see his beauty and enjoy it. He has given ears to us, in order to hear beautiful songs and divine discourses on him. He has given the mouth, in order to chant his glories, and to sing beautiful songs on him. He has given the soul to us, in order to realise him fully.

He has given the nose, in order to smell his divine Prasad items, after offering it to him. He has given the stomach, in order to fill it up with his divine Prasad items, after offering it to him in a whole heartedly manner. He has given the hands to us, in order to bow and seek his blessings. He has given the legs, in order to make it use for visiting the temples. He has given the brain in order to engage in beautiful thoughts on him.

But we are not doing like that. Some people are worshipping the god for name sake, and they are thinking that the organs given by the god must be used for spending their time in entertainment related activities and to satisfy their sensual pleasures. They are not realising the very purpose of their birth itself. God is creating each and every living being for an appropriate reason only. Hence everyone must worship the god regularly, and must use their body parts for spiritual purpose only.