God Is Our Best Friend




God is our best friend. He would hug us, console us and would remove the tears from our eyes during our difficult times, and also he would bring happiness in our lives, through his divine touch. But making the god as our friend is in our hands only. The more devotion we show, the more friendship he would show on us. Most of us are thinking that it is very difficult to approach the god, and to become his friends. Actually it is not like that. It is an easy task to make him as our best friend, and he would be readily available to those who suffer from loneliness.

The great Lord Krishna, once when he saw his childhood friend Kushela, had hugged him and treated him lovingly, even the poor Kushela wore torn clothes on his body. The Lord, didn’t think about the poverty of his friend, but considered only about their true friendship. Krishna served rich food to his friend Kuchela with his own hands, and he also made him as a rich person. Similarly, if during the times of our sufferings, if we recite the word, “KRISHNA”, and call for his help, he would appear before us in any other form, and would remove the tears from our eyes, and also would bring prosperity in our lives.

God has created all the living beings in the earth in order to serve some purpose only. He is not giving troubles to us wilfully, and he is always the “GIVER”, and he is not causing wound to us in any manner.  Even god cannot break the strictly laid down rules, and especially in this Kali Yuga, we have been born to suffer a lot in our lives. But the only remedy in order to reduce our sufferings is to keep chanting the names and the glories of the god, and we must sanctify him by singing songs on him.

To some spirituality inclined people, he is wilfully taking their wealth, in order to make them to concentrate only on him. In case of Purandara Dasa, Lord Vishnu had made him to realise him, and due to that, the rich merchant Srinivasa Nayak, had become the poor Saint Purandara Dasa, and then he became the permanent slave to the Lord. We can get a great feeling by keeping our attention always on the god, and by doing that, we would never get bored, and our thoughts would be focussed only on the great almighty.