God Is Our Best Relative




Instead of relying upon the help of our relatives, we can consider the supreme god as our best relative. Whenever we are in need of some help, in general, we would approach our relatives only. But they may or may not help us, and even they may cite some reasons and can avoid helping us. But if we sincerely pray to the god, he would help us even through some unknown strangers also. Actually the great almighty dwells in the souls of all the human beings, and in times of our urgent call, he would send some suitable persons to us, by forcing them to help us.

Lord Vinayaka is considered as the first god, and even if we didn’t worship other deities, by worshipping him itself, would fetch the grace of the other deities also. He is the obstacle remover, and would grant various boons to us, and would act like our close relative.

Some relatives would give respect to us only based on our status. But the great god Vinayaka, would never do like that, and he would consider everyone as alike, and would shower his blessings on all of his sincere devotees. Similar to his sincere devotees Purushundi and Vallallan, he would permanently keep us in his “GANESA LOKA”, also called as “GANESAPURI”, based on our sincere faith and devotion on him.

Nowadays people are respected only based on their status, and not respected on the basis of their good character. Some relatives are even making derogatory remarks on their poor relatives, and they are not at all considering them as humans. They are not realizing that during the time of deaths, the great Lord Yama would take the soul of both rich and the poor people, and he would not show any partiality on them, and we could not give any bribe to him, in order to extend our life period.

Of course money is also very essential to run our family, and with that, we can make a decent living. But at the same time, a person’s good character also must be considered, and he must also be respected, or otherwise, those who disrespect their relatives and hurt them using bad words, would definitely get severe pain during the time of their death.

Lord Rama and Krishna, during their period, have treated everybody as alike. Lord Rama affectionately embraced hunter Guha and had interacted with him in a kind manner. Similarly, Lord Krishna didn’t forget his childhood friend Kushela and welcomed to him in his palace in a grand manner, offered him delicious food, and also made him as a rich person.

Hence let us treat our relatives in a kind manner irrespective of their status, and let us always speak using kind words with them, and let us treat them as a “HUMAN BEING”, similar to them.




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