God Would Never Commit Mistakes





Yes. God would never commit mistakes, and Lord Krishna acts as a best example for that. Still some might feel that why Krishna didn’t correct the Kauravas, and why he didn’t stop the sufferings of the Pandavas during their exile term. Lord Krishna himself is answering for this question to the great Arjuna in the Bhagawad Gita. “According to me, all are equal, but as per the Yuga Dharma, I am creating both the good ones and the bad ones in the earth. I am also trying my level best to correct the bad ones, but due to their ignorance, they hesitates my words, and they are following the bad path in their lives. Even I (Lord Krishna) has to live according to the principles of Yuga Dharma and I cannot supersede my own laid down rules. I am having the powers even to change the prescribed laid down rules, but I am unwilling to do so, since if I myself bend the laid down rules and regulations, then there is no use in laying down the prescribed rules at all! Hence I promise you, Oh! Kunti Putra, those who keeps immense bhakti on me, those who glorifies me, those who always thinks about me, and those who sincerely chants my divine names, and mantras, and sings songs on me, would be relieved from their sins, and they would finally merge with me”.

Lord Krishna has answered our entire questions in his Bhagawad Gita. If we read it thoroughly, then our doubts would be completely clarified. Similarly the great Lord Rama had lived a very pious life, and still some people are questioning him for killing Vali and for sending Mata Sita to the forest. It was so happened in the life of Lord Rama, since, though he was born as a divine avatar, but he also has to abide the laid down rules of the god, and that’s why he has done like that. Vali is supposed to die in the hands of Lord Rama, and the fate is written to him like that. Ma Sita’s married life with Rama is short, and that’s why she went down to the abode of her mother, Ma Bhudevi.

Once Lord Vishnu had killed the consort of Rishi Bhrigu, and due to that, he was cursed by him. That’s why in his Rama Avatar, he lived with Ma Sita only for a short period. He didn’t send Ma Sita willingly to the forest. After getting separated from her, he lived a worried life for a period of 11,000 years.

The great Jambavan who is the special creation of Lord Brahma, had lived during the Treta Yuga and helped Lord Rama for rescuing Ma Sita from Ravana. He gave valuable advice to Lord Hanuman and to the Vanara King Sugriva, and he also made Lord Hanuman realize about his super natural powers. He also lived during the Dwapara Yuga, and once when Lord Krishna visited to his cave in search of Syamantaka Jewel, he mistaken him as an ordinary stranger, and bravely fought with him for several days. Later, he realized that Lord Krishna was none other than his beloved deity Lord Rama, asked apology to Krishna, and also arranged marriage for his daughter with Lord Krishna.

Likewise during the Treta Yuga, when the great sages Nara and Narayana were doing penance, the great Vishnu Devotee Prahalada had mistaken them as warriors, since they kept some weapons with them. Due to that, Prahalada fought with them and after some time, he realized that they were the holy incarnations of his beloved god Vishnu. He sought apology, and received blessings from them.

These incidents were happened in the lives of the holy people, since Lord Vishnu had wanted to play with his great devotees, Jambavan and Prahalada. It is one of the Leelas of Lord Vishnu, and by reading these wonderful divine incidents, we are getting deeply attached with Lord Vishnu, and we would also get great punya if we read nice incidents from the Purana.

Thus, before criticizing or before finding fault with the great almighty, first we must have to thoroughly read their life history, and our Holy Bhagawad Gita, in order to get a clear understanding about the great almighty, and also to remove the garbage in our mind.





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