Golden Quotes Of Gajanan Maharaj

Gajanan Maharaj



Gajanan Maharaj was a famous saint, and he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Ganesha. His date of birth was unknown. During his teenage, he was found at Shegaon, a village in Maharashtra and he left his physical body during the year 1910, and the date when he left his life is considered as the Samadhi day, and the annual anniversary ceremony is grandly celebrated at his hometown.

His life history was also written by some writers, and he was praised by the people in Maharashtra similar to Shirdi Saibaba, since the great Gajanan Maharaj had performed many miracles in the lives of his devotees and also healed their diseases similar to Saibaba of Shirdi. During his lifetime, he used to celebrate the annual “VINAYAKA CHATHURTI FESTIVAL“ in a grand manner, and he also used to distribute the Ganapathi Prasad, Mothakams to the devotees from his own hands.

Some of the golden quotes of Sri Gajanan Maharaj are as follows:-

Whatever Almighty has decided, it would be happened, and we have to dedicate our entire life on worshipping him. He will give the necessary strength to do our work.

We are the slaves of the god, and without his permission, we cannot lift even a small dust particle with our hands.

All the religions books like Bhagavat Gita, Bible or the Quran convey the divine message delivered by the god.

We don’t have any powers, and only with the blessings of the god, we are able to discharge our duties efficiently and effectively.

We must have to surrender ourselves totally to the almighty and must properly utilise our body in order to spread the significance of the god.

God’s grace comes automatically to us, but we must have to show our utmost bhakti on him.

Do not hate anyone.

If you pay more attention on God, then he would follow you like your shadow, and would come with you in all walks of your life.

If we ignore our spiritual Guru by considering him to be an inferior to the god, then there is no point in worshipping the god at all.

Keep complete trust on the god.

God is the one, who is residing in every heart. Hence, love others, and share your happiness with them.

When you help others, God would definitely lift you up in the spiritual ladder.

Self-Realisation can be achieved through constant meditation on the almighty.

God has sent so many of his divine avatars and saints to the earth, in order to enlighten the people in their lives.

We would attain salvation, only if we bury our bad habits like ego, lust, anger and greed.

God is conducting the drama troupe in the world stage, and we are all the actors, and we must play our role in a proper manner.

Similar to throwing away the skin of the mango, we have to come out from the worldly illusions in order to succeed in our life.

We can get the divine vision of the god through continuous prayers.

Maintain strict patience in your life, even during your troubled times.

I embrace all those who come to me and I would protect them always.

I will remove the ignorance on your mind, and I will show you the divine path.

If you consider me as your Guru, then I would make you to get relieved from the chain of birth cycles.

Let god removes the darkness and lit lamp in our lives.

With our each and every prayer, we can achieve lot of goodness in our lives.

Allocate sufficient time for doing meditation especially during the early morning hours.

Always follow the path of Dharma, and be an honest, simple and straight forward person.

Donate food to others.

Repeatedly chant the Ganapathy Mantra, “OM SRI GANESAYA NAMAHA”, in order to get the grace of Lord Ganesa.

Remember that one day your life is going to come to an end, and hence, before your death, do lot of sacred deeds.

By regularly Chanting of Divine Mantras, we would attain good prosperity in our lives.