‘Govinda, Govinda’

Lord Venkateswara



The word Govinda denotes Lord Venkateswara who is also called as Srinivasa, and he resides in Tirumala, and he is also called as the Lord of seven hills. He receives money as donation from us, and in turn gives all kinds of prosperity to us. Lord Venkateswara is our beloved god Vishnu, and he is called by various other names also.

In general most of us would use the words “GOVINDA, GOVINDA”, when we lose anything in our life like money, jewellery or any other favourite items belong to us. Even when some people see the tonsured heads of Lord Venkateswara Devotees, they would criticize them saying that they would tonsure others heads also. Saying Govinda, Govinda and tonsuring our heads is a very noble act, which is very much liked by Lord Venkateswara itself. But even after knowing about the significance of all these things, still we are making fun of Lord Venkateswara and also about his devotees. By reciting the holy name Govinda and by tonsuring our heads, our ego would be removed from our mind, and thereafter we would be very much attached with Lord Venkateswara.

The great Lord Venkateswara had taken the avatar in the earth for our sake only. He applies medicine to our injured mind, and generates happiness in our mind. Whoever visits the Lord of Seven Hills would get peace of mind after having his darshan at the temple. Just by watching him for a few seconds of time, we would get great spiritual energy in our mind, and all of our miseries and sorrows would fly away from our mind.

It is also believed that in this difficult Kaliyuga, Lord Venkateswara is considered as one of the best saviours, and he is the one, who would insist offerings from us after fulfilling our wishes. Even we can postpone our offerings to any other god. But with great Lord Venkateswara we couldn’t do like that. He would wilfully take money from us like our affectionate father, in order to reduce our sins and diseases, and would grant many favourable things to us.

Let us worship Lord Venkateswara in a whole heartedly manner and be blessed.