Guru Nanak



Guru Nanak (16th century AD) was the founder of Sikhism and he is regarded as a “DIVINE GURU” by the Sikhs, and his annual birthday is grandly celebrated by them.

Guru Nanak was a great person who mainly advocates the principle of helping others, and to live an honest life. Sikhism is a popular religion in India. Saint Guru Nanak was a great personality who lived a modest life and he had done many good things in his life. He was a pious and a noble person, and helped the people by guiding them to the spiritual path. His great teachings are apart from the point of religious perspective. The SIKHS are very great, gentle, affectionate and bold people, and they are living their life peacefully through the blessings of GURU NANAK JI.

Nanak travelled all over the world, in order to preach the “ONE GOD CONCEPT”. His teachings are based on love, sympathy and attachment. Guru Nanak teachings are incorporated in the Holy Text of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib, and Sikhs consider this text as equivalent to the Hindus Bhagavat Gita, Christians Bible and the Muslims Quran. His teachings boost our inner souls, and we would get great interest in spiritualism.

Nanak was born in the year 1469 in the present day Pakistan, to a pious family, and he was very much interested in doing meditation at his childhood itself.

Some of his golden quotes are as follows:

For those pious souls, there is neither birth not death.

Death fear would not arise in our mind, if we contain good nature.

Help others in times of need.

Honest living, without any fraud, and earning money through hard work.

Chant the holy names of the god for getting spiritual bliss.

We should move freely with all people irrespective of their caste, creed, community and religion.

Kings and Rich people who lived a very luxurious life style, have been buried under the earth, hence, don’t enjoy the worldly pleasures too much in your life, and instead of that, try to concentrate your attention on the almighty.

You can worship the god in the form of light, in an invisible form, or in some other form, based on your faith.

Speak only the words that which will bring more honour to you.

First have faith on you, and then you can show your utmost faith on the god.

Truth must be followed throughout in your life.

Even if we have huge wealth but if we didn’t have peace of mind, then there is no use in keeping the wealth with us and in order to get peace, we can distribute some portion of our wealth to the poor people.

Eating vegetarian or non-vegetarian food is purely based on the food habits of the people.

If you want to conquer the Lord of Death, be a good person, and become a humble servant of the god.

You can see the face of the god in the smile of the young child.

The world is a drama stage, and we are all acts in that.

Without the help of a Guru no one can cross the ocean of life.

I bow before my spiritual Guru, let him show me the proper spiritual way.

God always showers his mercy on us like the heavy rain.

Always share your meal with the depressed ones.

A person cannot be determined as rich based on his wealth, but he must be determined as a rich person only based on his conduct.

Sing the songs in praise of the Lord, and serve him humbly by keeping your great attachment on him.

He, who believes the god, would attain victory in all of his attempts.