Guru Raghavendra Will Follow Us Like Our Shadow

Guru Raghavendra



Guru Raghavendra is a great saint who would follows us in our lives like our shadow. He is specially been sent by the almighty in order to remove the troubles and turmoil of the people in this difficult Kaliyuga, and he is very much capable of doing that. Guru Raghavendra is worshipped by his devotees for getting good knowledge, courage, boldness, good health and wealth and for attaining kinds of prosperity in their lives. He has been praised by various mantras, and he is worshipped by his devotees in some foreign countries also.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita, “Whenever Dharma fails in the world I will send my divine messengers, in order to act as a medicine for the sufferers in the world”. Likewise, Guru Raghavendra, Shirdi Saibaba, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed had incarnated in this earth, in order to bring righteousness and bhakti in the lives of the people. Guru Raghavendra, though he is considered as a Madhwa Saint, but he is worshipped by his devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. During Thursdays, we can see the presence of other religious people also in some of the Raghavendra Mutts, and after worshipping Guru Raghavendra, they would also consume the Holy Theertha and would put the sacred Akshadai on their heads.

Before he entered into Brindavan at Mantralaya during the year 1671, he has given his nice speech, and delivered the message to the devotees, that though he enters alive in the Brindavana, he would remain there for a few hundred years, and would bless his devotees, would fulfils their wishes like the Kalpavriksha Tree, and the Divine Kamadhenu cow. Likewise he is still doing that in a pleasing and in a pleasant manner.

Prahalada and Dhruva had been incarnated as Guru Raghavendra and Sri Padaraja, and they have become great Madhwa Saints. Those Raghavendra Devotees who earns a decent salary and those who possess sufficient wealth can make donations to the Raghavendra Mutts in the form of money or else they can provide provisions also. They can also pay the monthly salaries of the priests of the Raghavendra Mutts directly from their own hands. As per the sayings of Guru Raghavendra, “People are being granted wealth only based on their past birth good karmas, and in order to retain it, they must do good deeds like offering donations to temples, Mutts and to the poor people, and whatever good deeds done to the poor people shall be considered equivalent towards doing service to the god himself”.

Guru Raghavendra is doing meditation in the holy Brindavana for several hundreds of years, only for bringing sweetness in our lives. He is increasing his good karma day by day by doing meditation on Lord Rama, and distributing his Punya to all of his devotees in a selfless manner. Still now he is visiting to the homes of some of his sincere devotees, and directly giving Prasad to them. Several years ago, when I was a small boy, and when our family were residing at Ayanavaram, one fine morning, one old saint dressed in Saffron dhoti, visited our home, by telling to my parents, that due to the instructions of the almighty, he has come to our home, and he has also asked my mother, whether she is worshipping Guru Raghavendra, and after that, he gave some fragrant flowers to my mother, and everybody in my family fell down at his feet and received blessings from him. Then suddenly even without telling to us, he disappeared. According to me, I consider the old saint as Guru Raghavendra, since during that time my mother started worshipping Guru Raghavendra by placing his picture on our puja room. And for some devotees he used to appear in their dream also, and would bless them. Even if he didn’t appear personally or in the dream, the devotees of Guru Raghavendra need not worry about that, since the great Guru has already dwells in the souls of all of his devotees. Hence it is our main duty to sanctify the holy guru Raghavendra, by the way of worshipping, singing songs, chanting Mantras on him and visiting his Holy Mutts.