Holy marks of hindus


In general, Hindus used to apply the holy marks in their foreheads. They are applying it as a part of expressing their bhakti on the almighty, and to show their strong faith and belief in Hinduism. Mostly Hindus used to apply the sacred ash (VIBUTI) in their foreheads. Among the Brahmins, the Iyer community people would use to apply the holy ash, whereas Iyengar community people would apply Thirumann (NAMAM) in their forehead as part of their dedication on Lord Vishnu. The Madhwa community people would usually apply sandal paste in their foreheads, and they are considered as the devotees of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Guru Raghavendra Swamy. In general all the Hindu community women used to apply Kumkum on their forehead.

Applying the holy marks, would give good strength in our mind and body, and it protects us from various evil forces. In ancient texts, strict Shaivites would even apply the sacred ash to their pet animals, and treat it kindly. It is believed that those who regularly apply the sacred marks on their forehead and body would be safeguarded by the divine deities in the heaven. In the Shiva Puran, it is told, that even the creator god Lord Brahma cannot fully explain the merits achieved by applying the sacred ash in our body.

Merits in applying the holy marks in our body

  1. We would get great protection from the god, and our enemies would maintain distance from us.
  2. Drinking the holy ash mixed with water, would remove our negative thoughts and our various ailments.
  3. We would get good mental satisfaction and peacefulness.
  4. Holy marks acts as our guardian and safeguards us from accidents and prevents unnatural deaths.
  5. We would get the grace of the almighty.
  6. By seeing our enlightened face covered with holy marks, everyone would greatly respect us.
  7. By applying the holy marks in our body, we are protecting the Hindu Dharma and living our life as per the philosophies and teachings of Hinduism.
  8. We would get great spiritual energy, and get good withstanding capacity in our life.
  9. We would get good fortunes in our life.

Hence, let us apply the sacred marks in our body and be blessed.