Let Us Become An Humble Servant To Lord Krishna




During the period of Lord Krishna, the people in his kingdom, and especially the attendants of Lord Krishna were very much blessed, since they have got the opportunity to serve the Lord himself.

As per the Bhagavatham, it was mentioned that Lord Krishna used to treat all of his people in a kind manner, and he has given the rights to the people to express their opinions and thoughts on any subject. Krishna contains a smiling face, and whenever if he finds any mistakes with his servants, he would never scold at them, but instead of that, he would correct them in a gentle and in a kind manner. Though he has got full rights to punish the people, but he didn’t do it, since he is the divine avatar of Lord Vishnu. At present, though we are unable to get the divine vision of Lord Krishna with our naked eyes, yet, we can imagine as if we are sincerely serving the great Lord Krishna as his humble servant by gently pressing his legs, by glorifying him with songs, and by affectionately watching his shining face. Instead of imagining some unwanted things, we can imagine about Lord Krishna, and we can also consider him as our best friend. Once if we keep on doing like that, then he would stood before us, and would give suitable suggestions to us, he would make us to run a successful life, and we would never get cheated by others.

We can also imagine that we are travelling along with Lord Krishna to the Himalayan Mountains, by gently pressing his lotus hands, and also by the way of washing his legs with the sacred Ganga Water, and we can also ask our queries to him from the Bhagavat Gita. By doing that, we would be able to control our mind, since we have been filled up with full of spiritual thoughts on Lord Krishna. The great Alwar saints have expressed their wishes to the Lord, in order to become even a small dust particle in the body of Lord Krishna, in order to enjoy the divine pleasure for ever in their life by permanently dwelling in the body of Lord Krishna. They also sung lot of devotional songs and praised Lord Krishna for showering his great mercy on us. Most of us are daily wasting our life by spending our leisure time in silly entertainment activities, since we consider that would give good peace of mind. By watching those people who perform dance, sing songs and sanctifies the glory of Lord Krishna in the ISKCON Movement, we would be able to realise how importance is to show our attention on “SRI KRISHNA BHAKTI”.

As per the Bhagavat Gita teachings of Lord Krishna, “Always keep thinking about me, me, and me only, then your mind would not be filled up with garbage, and your mind would become pure and pious. Those sincere devotees, like Prahalada and Dhruva have kept their entire attention on me, and hence, they have attained good position, and if you keep strong faith and bhakti on me similar to my Bhagavathas, then I promise you, that henceforth, there would be no subsequent births for you, and you would be totally merged with me”.

Hence let us imagine ourselves that we are spending our most of time with Lord Krishna by listening to his wonderful divine speech, and by watching his divine beauty again and again.