Listening To Good Music Would Remove Our Mental Stress And Would Provide Great Feast To Our Ears

Good Music



Yes. It is really true, that listening to good music, especially spiritually oriented music, would remove our mental stress and strain, and also would provide great feast to our ears. Lord Krishna through his flute music, had mesmerised the Gopikas, and made them as his permanent slaves to his music. Apart from his divine beauty, his wonderful flute music had attracted not only the Gopikas, but also the entire people of Vrindavan, and also the birds, animals and even the small insects like spider and ants were eagerly listened to the music of Sri Krishna Bhagavan, and they have expressed their happiness by the way of nodding their tiny heads.

The great DEVA RISHI NARADA AND TUMBURU, A CELESTIAL GANDHARVA, had attracted several millions and millions of the Devas through their wonderful music, and it is believed, that even the great Lord Indra and Lord Vishnu, used to specially invite them to their divine worlds, in order to hear the Divine music from their music instruments.

As per legend, the great Vishnu Devotees, Dhruva and Prahalada had got the habit of listening to the music of Narada, since their main Guru was Rishi Narada. When Narada was incarnated as Purandara Dasa, he used to play the Divine music in the palace of Sri Krishna Devarayaru, and during the time of listening to his music, the great king and the people who assembled in the palace, were forgotten about worldly matters, and they have shown their attention only on listening to the divine music of Sri Purandara Dasa.

The great musician Tansen, the court musician of King Akbar used to lit lamps without fire through Deepak Raga. Guru Raghavendra was an expert in playing Veena Music, and in some of his pictures, he can be seen playing Veena Music with a divine smile on his face. Ancient kings have encouraged the arts like dance, drama and music, and they have given lot of rewards and awards to the talented artists.

In a recent study, it is proved that hearing music would control suicides, and it would develop lot of confidence in the minds of the listeners. Big personalities like Churchill and Albert Einstein used to listen to melodious music, and it is believed that during their life time, sometimes they used to play the musical instruments with their own hands.

Listening to good music help us to control our blood pressure levels and from heart attack problems, and also it would control the bad habits like lust, anger and greed, and it helps us to develop good habits like generosity, love and affection, and also we would be boosted with lot of spiritual energy, by listening to lot of bhakti songs in praise of the almighty.

Still now people used to listen to western or Carnatic music based on their tastes. But whatever may be, MUSIC IS MUSIC ONLY, and since it acts as a medicine to heal our mind related diseases, it is always suggested to hear spiritual music, instead of ordinary music regularly, without fail.