Lord Krishna Doesn’t See Our Financial Status

Financial Status



In general, a person is being respected in this society based on his financial status only. If a person is poor, then he is considered as a person from a low status, and he is being disrespected and insulted by others, whereas, if a person is rich, then he is being considered as a person from a high status, and he is being properly treated by others. This is all being done due to the existence of Kali Purusha in this Kali Yuga. Status alone would not determine the efficiency of a person. A person may be very brilliant, but he might be very poor, and likewise, a person may be very dull and lazy, but he might belong to a rich family.

Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita teachings has clearly explained about the financial status of a person. “Oh My Dear Arjuna, I am not seeing the financial status of my creations, but I am only seeing the good nature of the people. Those who love me and praises me by reciting mantras and singing songs, would be considered as my true devotees, though their status is very poor, and though they born from a low class community. Status does not determine the capacity of a person. I love everyone who loves me, and who respects me. I am also taking most of the wealth of my true devotees, in order to make them to concentrate their attention more and more only on me”.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna, he likes all the people, and showers his grace on those who are considered as his sincere devotees, irrespective of their status, caste, creed and community. Likewise, the rich merchant, Srinivasa Nayak, after realising about the significance of Lord Vishnu, had left all of his belongings, and with empty hands, he reached the Vijayanagara Kingdom along with his family, and become a saint under his Guru, Sri Vyasaraja, and began to sanctify Lord Vishnu through his wonderful songs. Likewise, the great Vishnu Devotee Prahalada, was being severely tested by Lord Indra, and as per his request, Prahalada had granted all of his good karmic deeds to Indra in the form of donation. But at the present situation, most of the people are valuing others, based on their financial status only. Even while searching proper grooms for their daughters, the parents are very keen in choosing the groom only with rich status, and they are not at all giving proper value for the good nature of the groom.

The great Vishnu avatar, Lord Rama had considered the Vanaras, Sugriva and Hanuman, and the demon, Vibhishana as his own brothers, and he gave proper respect to them. Prahalada, a pious demon, had got the right to get the divine darshan of Lord Narasimha, whenever he desires. Lord Narasimha didn’t consider Prahalada as a demon, but he acknowledged his true bhakti, and as a result, he has protected him from several hardships, and acted as a shadow throughout his life time.

Nowadays the system of living in luxuries retirement homes are being increased, and lot of builders are constructing homes exclusively for the benefit of senior citizens. Those who reside in those homes need not worry about their future, since the retirement homes are providing lot of facilities to them like food, laundry service, medical aid etc. But for enjoying all these types of benefits the residents have to pay the prescribed amount to the Retirement homes. But still in some homes, the residents might be given more priority, based on their financial status.

Hence at the present situation of life, we cannot expect true love and affection from others, but we can expect lot of love from the great almighty. We must have to permanently register the image of Lord Krishna in our mind, and must consider him as our true companion. If we get addicted with the Krishna Bhakti, then there is no need to worry about our status, or about the treatment shown by others.