Ma Bhavani Namavali




Bhavani also known as Tulaja, Amba and Jagadamba is an incarnation of Mata Parvati. She is also worshipped in North India as Mata Durga. Once she killed the demon Matanga who created lot of problems to the people in the earth and also troubled the gods in the heaven. Due to the worship of the gods and humans, Mata Parvati took the form of “BHAVANI” and destroyed the terrible demon.

Mata Bhavani was worshipped by the Maratha King Shivaji and by his mother. The king, his relatives and his region’s people were very much devoted to Mata Bhavani and their main deity was Bhavani. They used to worship Tuljapur Bhavani Temple in Maharashtra, and also King Shivaji had introduced many puja schemes and it is also believed that he had offered food to the devotees in the Tuljapur Bhavani Temple. Every year during Navaratri festival period (September to October), lot of devotees would throng into the Tuljapur Bhavani temple and would worship their beloved goddess with much delight and devotion in their mind. The  Bhavani temple in Tuljapur  of Maharashtra is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Pithas.

The goddess Bhavani is worshipped by the people throughout Maharashtra. Many families from Maharashtra consider her as their Kuladevi. The idol of Tulja Bhavani is made out of black stone. The appearance of the goddess is described as very beautiful, she looks in the form of smiling posture, and she like the precious diamond. She protects her devotees, and takes care of them throughout their life. Temples for Mata Bhavani is situated throughout India. She is also worshipped as “BHAVANI AMMAN” and “BHAVANI THULUKANATHAMMAN” in Tamil Nadu. Out of the Bhavani Amman temples, Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman temple is a very famous temple. The devotees would worship the holy mother during Tuesdays and Fridays and they would offer “PONGAL” and “MIXED RICE” as Neivedyam (Holy Prasad) to the goddess and they would distribute it amongst the devotees. Koozh offering also takes place in most of the Amman temples in Tamil Nadu during the Tamil month of Aadi. Bhavani Thulukanathamman temple situated in Agaram, Chennai, is also a famous temple. Fire walking ceremony (Thimithi) would take place in the Tamil months of Aadi – Aavani of every year in this temple.

We can also chant the below mentioned 108 marvellous names of Ma Bhavani in order to attain great spiritual enlightenment in our life.

  1. Om Mahavidyayai Namah
  2. Om Bhavani Thulukanathammane Namah
  3. Om Tulja Bhavani Namah
  4. Om Shakti Bhavani Namah
  5. Om Bhavani Maha Deviye Namah
  6. Om Shiva Patiye Namah
  7. Om Shiva Shankariye Namah
  8. Om Shiva Swaroopaya Namah
  9. Om Uma Maheswariye Namah
  10. Om jaganmatre namah
  11. Om mahalaksmyai namah
  12. Om sivapriyayai namah
  13. Om visnumayayai namah
  14. Om subhayai namah
  15. Om santayai namah
  16. Om siddhayai namah
  17. Om siddhasarasvatyai namah
  18. Om ksamayai namah
  19. Om kantaye namah
  20. Om prabhayai namah
  21. Om jyotsnayai namah
  22. Om parvatyai namah
  23. Om sarvamangalayai namah
  24. Om hingulayai namah
  25. Om candikayai namah
  26. Om dantayai namah
  27. Om padmayai namah
  28. Om laksmyai namah
  29. Om haripriyayai namah
  30. Om tripurayai namah
  31. Om nandinyai namah
  32. Om nandayai namah
  33. Om sunandayai namah
  34. Om suravanditayai namah
  35. Om yajnavidyayai namah
  36. Om mahamayayai namah
  37. Om vedamatre namah
  38. Om sudhayai namah
  39. Om dhrtyai namah
  40. Om pritaye namah
  41. Om prathayai namah
  42. Om prasiddhayai namah
  43. Om mrdanyai namah
  44. Om vindhyavasinyai namah
  45. Om siddhavidyayai namah
  46. Om mahasaktyai namah
  47. Om prthivyai namah
  48. Om naradasevitayai namah
  49. Om puruhutapriyayai namah
  50. Om kantayai namah
  51. Om kaminyai namah
  52. Om padmalocanayai namah
  53. Om pralhadinyai namah
  54. Om mahamatre namah
  55. Om durgayai namah
  56. Om durgatinasinyai namah
  57. Om jvalamukhyai namah
  58. Om sugotrayai namah
  59. Om jyotise namah
  60. Om kumudavasinyai namah
  61. Om durgamayai namah
  62. Om durlabhayai namah
  63. Om vidyayai namah
  64. Om svargataye namah
  65. Om puravasinyai namah
  66. Om aparnayai namah
  67. Om sambarimayayai namah
  68. Om madirayai namah
  69. Om mrduhasinyai namah
  70. Om kulavagisvaryai namah
  71. Om nityayai namah
  72. Om nityaklinnayai namah
  73. Om krsodaryai namah
  74. Om kamesvaryai namah
  75. Om nilayai namah
  76. Om bhirundayai namah
  77. Om vahnivasinyai namah
  78. Om lambodaryai namah
  79. Om mahakalyai namah
  80. Om vidyavidyesvaryai namah
  81. Om naresvaryai namah
  82. Om satyayai namah
  83. Om sarvasaubhagyavardhinyai namah
  84. Om sankarsanyai namah
  85. Om narasimhyai namah
  86. Om vaisnavyai namah
  87. Om mahodaryai namah
  88. Om katyayanyai namah
  89. Om campayai namah
  90. Om sarvasampattikarinyai namah
  91. Om narayanyai namah
  92. Om mahanidrayai namah
  93. Om yoganidrayai namah
  94. Om prabhavatyai namah
  95. Om prajnaparamitayai namah
  96. Om prajnayai namah
  97. Om tarayai namah
  98. Om madhumatyai namah
  99. Om madhave namah
  100. Om ksirarnavasudhaharayai namah
  101. Om kalikayai namah
  102. Om simhavahinyai namah
  103. Om Om‍karayai namah
  104. Om vasudhakarayai namah
  105. Om cetanayai namah
  106. Om kopanakrtyai namah
  107. Om ardhabindudharayai namah
  108. Om dharayai namah