Ma Chinnamasta Namavali

Ma Chinnamasta NamavaliMa Chinnamasta Namavali


Chinnamastha is a Hindu goddess, and she is one of the Mahavidyas and a ferocious form of Ma Parvati Devi. Chinnamastha is a goddess of purity and sexual self-control and gives more energy for married people, and bless them to have good children. She also gives immortality after our death. The goddess helps us for self-realization and will awake our kundalini – spiritual energy.

Chinnamastha is worshipped by the Kalikula sect of Hinduism. She has only few temples devoted to her in Nepal and eastern India. She is mostly worshipped by the Tantric practitioners. Chinnamastha is also named as Vajrayogini by the Buddhists, and worshipped by them. It is believed that by worshipping her, the evil effects of the various Navagrahas like Rahu Graha and Shani Graha will be eradicated.

Chinnamastha is also known by the names of Kotavi and Korravai and worshipped by the tribal people, and she is also described in the Hindu puranas. Since she appears in the form of headless, she is also considered as Mata Renuka Devi, the holy mother of Sage Parasumrama, and worshipped all over India. She is also considered as an incarnation of Mata Sati Devi.

Chinnamastha appears red in colour and contains the brightness of several million suns. She is depicted as nude in some pictures, but sometimes, she is partially or fully clothed.

Chinnamastha is considered as a great yogini, and she contains the Shakti element. By reciting her hundred names we would get all kinds of prosperity in our life, and we would be freed from our life cycles.

Chinnamastha’s photo and yantra must be worshipped along with her attendants. We can offer flowers and fruits for her worship. And we can do homam also by mentioning her various names and recite slokas meant for her.

In Kolkata, some people are worshipping Chinnamastha as Kali and perform special pujas to her during the Navaratri festival.

The Chintpurni  Temple is situated in Himachal Pradesh and it is the famous temple of Mata Chinnamastha, and considered as one of the Shakti Peethas. Here, Chinnamastha appears with severed-head. Most of the people worship her as a form of the goddess Ma Durga and Kali.

There is another important Chinnamastha Temple located in Jharkhand and lot of devotees are visiting this shrine on a daily basis. A shrine dedicated to Chinnamastha was built in Uttar Pradesh. Her shrines are also situated in Assam and West Bengal.  Chinnamastha’s shrines are also found in Nepal, and a famous chariot festival for the goddess is also held in Nepal.

Let us chant the following 108 holy names of Ma Chinnamasta and let us be blessed.

  1. Sri chinnamastayai namah
  2. Sri mahavidyayai namah
  3. Sri mahabhimayai namah
  4. Sri mahodaryai namah
  5. Sri candesvaryai namah
  6. Sri candamatre namah
  7. Sri candamundaprabhanjinyai namah
  8. Sri mahacandayai namah
  9. Sri candarupayai namah
  10. Sri candikayai namah
  11. Sri candakhandinyai namah
  12. Sri krodhinyai namah
  13. Sri krodhajananyai namah
  14. Sri krodharupayai namah
  15. Sri kuhave namah
  16. Sri kalayai namah
  17. Sri kopaturayai namah
  18. Sri kopayutayai namah
  19. Sri kopasamharakarinyai namah
  20. Sri vajravairocanyai namah
  21. Sri vajrayai namah
  22. Sri vajrakalpayai namah
  23. Sri dakinyai namah
  24. Sri dakinikarmaniratayai namah
  25. Sri dakinikarmapujitayai namah
  26. Sri dakinisanganiratayai namah
  27. Sri dakinipremapuritayai namah
  28. Sri khatvangadharinyai namah
  29. Sri kharvayai namah
  30. Sri khadgadharinyai namah
  31. Sri khapparadharinyai namah
  32. Sri pretasanayai namah
  33. Sri pretayutayai namah
  34. Sri pretasangaviharinyai namah
  35. Sri chinnamundadharayai namah
  36. Sri chinnacandavidyayai namah
  37. Sri citrinyai namah
  38. Sri ghorarupayai namah
  39. Sri ghoradrstyai namah
  40. Sri ghoraravayai namah
  41. Sri ghanodaryai namah
  42. Sri yoginyai namah
  43. Sri yoganiratayai namah
  44. Sri japayajnaparayanayai namah
  45. Sri yonicakramayyai namah
  46. Sri yonaye namah
  47. Sri yonicakrapravartinyai namah
  48. Sri yonimudrayai namah
  49. Sri yonigamyayai namah
  50. Sri yoniyantranivasinyai namah
  51. Sri yantrarupayai namah
  52. Sri yantramayyai namah
  53. Sri yantresyai namah
  54. Sri yantrapujitayai namah
  55. Sri kirtyayai namah
  56. Sri kapardinyai namah
  57. Sri kalyai namah
  58. Sri kankalyai namah
  59. Sri kalakarinyai namah
  60. Sri araktayai namah
  61. Sri raktanayanayai namah
  62. Sri raktapanaparayanayai namah
  63. Sri bhavanyai namah
  64. Sri bhutidayai namah
  65. Sri bhutyai namah
  66. Sri bhutidatryai namah
  67. Sri bhairavyai namah
  68. Sri bhairavacaraniratayai namah
  69. Sri bhutasevitayai namah
  70. Sri bhairavasevitayai namah
  71. Sri bhimayai namah
  72. Sri bhimesvaridevyai namah
  73. Sri bhimanadaparayanayai namah
  74. Sri bhavaradhyayai namah
  75. Sri bhavanutayai namah
  76. Sri bhavasagaratarinyai namah
  77. Sri bhadrakalyai namah
  78. Sri bhadratanave namah
  79. Sri bhadrarupayai namah
  80. Sri bhadrikabhadrarupayai namah
  81. Sri mahabhadrayai namah
  82. Sri subhadrayai namah
  83. Sri bhadrapalinyai namah
  84. Sri subhavyayai namah
  85. Sri bhavyavadanayai namah
  86. Sri sumukhyai namah
  87. Sri siddhasevitayai namah
  88. Sri siddhidayai namah
  89. Sri siddhinivahayai namah
  90. Sri siddhanisevitayai namah
  91. Sri asiddhanisevitayai namah
  92. Sri subhadayai namah
  93. Sri subhagayai namah
  94. Sri suddhayai namah
  95. Sri suddhasattvayai namah
  96. Sri subhavahayai namah
  97. Sri sresthayai namah
  98. Sri drstimayidevyai namah
  99. Sri drstisamharakarinyai namah
  100. Sri sarvanyai namah
  101. Sri sarvagayai namah
  102. Sri sarvayai namah
  103. Sri sarvamangalakarinyai namah
  104. Sri sivayai namah
  105. Sri santayai namah
  106. Sri santirupayai namah
  107. Sri mrdanyai namah
  108. Sri madanaturayai namah





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