Ma Dhumavati Namavali

Ma Dhumavati NamavaliMa Dhumavati Namavali

Dhumavati is one of the Mahavidyas, and she is the Divine Mother for the entire universe. Though she looks old and considered as inauspicious in Hinduism, she is the kind hearted mother, who always safeguards her devotees in a nice manner. The goddess is seated on a chariot and riding a crow, and come all around the world, in order to watch her devotees, and to give good results for their prayers. By praying her, we can satisfy Lord Ketu, and can be relieved from Naga Dosham.
Dhumavati is said to be manifested from Tridevis even before the creation of the world. While Dhumavati is related with only inauspicious qualities, by uttering her hundred names will give immediate positive results in our life. She is a kind hearted mother and the giver of boons. She only taught the good and bad things to us, and she is described as the UNIVERSAL GURU also. She gives great knowledge, spiritual power, wisdom, courage, boldness and enthusiasm in our life. Her ugly appearance tells us that we have to decide the goodness of a person only by seeing his good qualities and not by merely seeing his appearance.
Let us chant her wonderful 108 names, and let us be blessed.
1. sri dhumavatyai namah
2. sri dhumravarnayai namah
3. sri dhumrapanaparayanayai namah
4. sri dhumraksamathinyai namah
5. sri dhanyayai namah
6. sri dhanyasthananivasinyai namah
7. sri aghoracarasantustayai namah
8. sri aghoracaramanditayai namah
9. sri aghoramantrasampritayai namah
10. sri aghoramantrasampujitayai namah
11. sri attattahasaniratayai namah
12. sri malinambaradharinyai namah
13. sri vrddhayai namah
14. sri virupayai namah
15. sri vidhavayai namah
16. sri vidyayai namah
17. sri viraladvijayai namah
18. sri pravrddhaghonayai namah
19. sri kumukhyai namah
20. sri kutilayai namah
21. sri kutileksanayai namah
22. sri karalyai namah
23. sri karalasyayai namah
24. sri kankalyai namah
25. sri surpadharinyai namah
26. sri kakadhvajaratharudhayai namah
27. sri kevalayai namah
28. sri kathinayai namah
29. sri kuhave namah
30. sri ksutpipasardditayai namah
31. sri nityayai namah
32. sri lalajjihvayai namah
33. sri digambarayai namah
34. sri dirghodaryai namah
35. sri dirgharavayai namah
36. sri dirghangyai namah
37. sri dirghamastakayai namah
38. sri vimuktakuntalayai namah
39. sri kirtyayai namah
40. sri kailasasthanavasinyai namah
41. sri krurayai namah
42. sri kalasvarupayai namah
43. sri kalacakrapravartinyai namah
44. sri vivarnayai namah
45. sri cancalayai namah
46. sri dustayai namah
47. sri dustavidhvamsakarinyai namah
48. sri candyai namah
49. sri candasvarupayai namah
50. sri camundayai namah
51. sri candanihsvanayai namah
52. sri candavegayai namah
53. sri candagatyai namah
54. sri candavinasinyai namah
55. sri mundavinasinyai namah
56. sri candalinyai namah
57. sri citrarekhayai namah
58. sri citrangyai namah
59. sri citrarupinyai namah
60. sri krsnayai namah
61. sri kapardinyai namah
62. sri kullayai namah
63. sri krsnarupayai namah
64. sri kriyavatyai namah
65. sri kumbhashantyai namah
66. sri mahonmattayai namah
67. sri madirapanavihvalayai namah
68. sri caturbhujayai namah
69. sri lalajjihvayai namah
70. sri satrusamharakarinyai namah
71. sri savarudhayai namah
72. sri savagatayai namah
73. sri smasanasthanavasinyai namah
74. sri duraradhyayai namah
75. sri duracarayai namah
76. sri durjanapritidayinyai namah
77. sri nirmamsayai namah
78. sri nirakarayai namah
79. sri dhumahastayai namah
80. sri varanvitayai namah
81. sri kalahayai namah
82. sri kalipritayai namah
83. sri kalikalmasanasinyai namah
84. sri mahakalasvarupayai namah
85. sri mahakalaprapujitayai namah
86. sri mahadevapriyayai namah
87. sri medhayai namah
88. sri mahasankastanasinyai namah
89. sri bhaktapriyayai namah
90. sri bhaktagatyai namah
91. sri bhaktasatruvinasinyai namah
92. sri bhairavyai namah
93. sri bhuvanayai namah
94. sri bhimayai namah
95. sri bharatyai namah
96. sri bhuvanatmikayai namah
97. sri bherundayai namah
98. sri bhimanayanayai namah
99. sri trinetrayai namah
100. sri bahurupinyai namah
101. sri trilokesyai namah
102. sri trikalajnayai namah
103. sri trisvarupayai namah
104. sri trayitanave namah
105. sri trimurtyai namah
106. sri tanvyai namah
107. sri trisaktaye namah
108. sri trisulinyai namah

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