Ma Durga Devi Namavali




Ma Durga Devi is a form of Shakti Devi, and both are considered as one and the same. Ma Shakti Devi had transformed into Durga Devi, during the time of fighting with the demons like Mahisasura, Shumba, Nishumba, Raktabija and others. Ma Durga is considered as the goddess of victory, bravery, courage and wisdom, and she is our beloved mother. Lot of Mantras and songs are written in praise of Ma Durga, and those who have staunch faith and devotion on Ma Durga Devi, would keep their names like Durgadas, Devidas and Kalidas.

Ma Durga is considered as the creator of the universe, and she was mentioned in our Vedas, Puranas and also in several other holy texts of Hinduism. In Rig Veda and Atharvaveda several hymns are dedicated to her, and she was praised by saints, sages, kings, queens and by the ordinary people, for showering her kindness towards them. In the Devi Mahatmyam, it is mentioned, that due to the enormous powers of Ma Durga, the world still exists and people are able to peacefully live in this difficult world, by chanting the divine Mantras of Ma Durga, and by reciting her names, the souls of the devotees would get melted, and joyful tears would flow from their eyes. Ma Durga acts as an affectionate mother for everybody, including the Devas in the heaven, and even her consort Lord Shiva used to praise her, for showering her unconditional love and motherly affection on everybody in the universe.

Orphaned and abandoned children can consider Ma Durga as their own mother, and they can also tell their worries in front of her pictures, in order to find proper solutions to their problems. As a giver of food, she is praised as Ma Annapurna, as a giver of education, she is praised as Ma Saraswati, as a giver of wealth, she is praised as Ma Lakshmi Devi and as a giver of bravery she is praised as Ma Kali Devi. During Vedic period, people started worshipping the nature gods like Surya, Chandra and Agni, and later due to the increase in the significance of worshipping Ma Durga Devi, most of the people began to worship Ma Durga Devi as the main goddess, and they began to consider the nature gods as minor gods, and they mostly offered their prayers to them only during the performance of Yagnas, at the time of offering of oblations to them.

The following are the 108 praises of Ma Durga, and those who sincerely recites it, would find good results in their lives.

  1. Om sriyai namah
  2. Om umayai namah
  3. Om bharatyai namah
  4. Om bhadrayai namah
  5. Om sarvanyai namah
  6. Om vijayayai namah
  7. Om jayayai namah
  8. Om vanyai namah
  9. Om sarvagatayai namah
  10. Om gauryai namah
  11. Om varahyai namah
  12. Om kamalapriyayai namah
  13. Om sarasvatyai namah
  14. Om kamalayai namah
  15. Om mayayai namah
  16. Om matamgyai namah
  17. Om aparayai namah
  18. Om ajayai namah
  19. Om samkabharyai namah
  20. Om sivayai namah
  21. Om candayai namah
  22. Om kundalyai namah
  23. Om vaisnavyai namah
  24. Om kriyayai namah
  25. Om sriyai namah
  26. Om aindrayai namah
  27. Om madhumatyai namah
  28. Om girijayai namah
  29. Om subhagayai namah
  30. Om ambikayai namah
  31. Om tarayai namah
  32. Om padmavatyai namah
  33. Om hamsayai namah
  34. Om padmanabhasahodaryai namah
  35. Om aparnayai namah
  36. Om lalitayai namah
  37. Om dhatryai namah
  38. Om kumaryai namah
  39. Om sikhavahinyai namah
  40. Om sambhavyai namah
  41. Om sumukhyai namah
  42. Om maitryai namah
  43. Om trinetrayai namah
  44. Om visvarupinyai namah
  45. Om aryayai namah
  46. Om mrdanyai namah
  47. Om hinkaryai namah
  48. Om krodhinyai namah
  49. Om sudinayai namah
  50. Om acalayai namah
  51. Om suksmayai namah
  52. Om paratparayai namah
  53. Om sobhayai namah
  54. Om sarvavarnayai namah
  55. Om harapriyayai namah
  56. Om mahalaksmyai namah
  57. Om mahasiddhayai namah
  58. Om svadhayai namah
  59. Om svahayai namah
  60. Om manonmanyai namah
  61. Om trilokapalinyai namah
  62. Om udbhutayai namah
  63. Om trisandhyayai namah
  64. Om tripurantakyai namah
  65. Om trisaktyai namah
  66. Om tripadayai namah
  67. Om durgayai namah
  68. Om brahmayai namah
  69. Om trailokyavasinyai namah
  70. Om puskarayai namah
  71. Om atrisutayai namah
  72. Om gomatiyai namah
  73. Om trivarnayai namah
  74. Om trisvarayai namah
  75. Om trigunayai namah
  76. Om nirgunayai namah
  77. Om satyayai namah
  78. Om nirvikalpayai namah
  79. Om niramjinyai namah
  80. Om jvalinyai namah
  81. Om malinyai namah
  82. Om carcayai namah
  83. Om kravyadopa nibarhinyai namah
  84. Om kamaksyai namah
  85. Om kaminyai namah
  86. Om kantayai namah
  87. Om kamadayai namah
  88. Om kalahamsinyai namah
  89. Om salajjayai namah
  90. Om kulajayai namah
  91. Om prajnyai namah
  92. Om prabhayai namah
  93. Om madanasundaryai namah
  94. Om vagisvaryai namah
  95. Om visalaksyai namah
  96. Om sumamgalyai namah
  97. Om kalyai namah
  98. Om mahesvaryai namah
  99. Om candyai namah
  100. Om bhairavyai namah
  101. Om bhuvanesvaryai namah
  102. Om nityayai namah
  103. Om sanandavibhavayai namah
  104. Om satyajnanayai namah
  105. Om tamopahayai namah
  106. Om mahesvarapriyankaryai namah
  107. Om mahatripurasundaryai namah
  108. Om durgaparamesvaryai namah