Ma Ganga Namavali




Ganga is the river Ganges and she is considered as a sacred and holy mother goddess. It is believed that bathing in river Ganges would cleanse us removes our sins and would lead to the path of MOKSHA. It is also believed that all tyoes of diseases would be cured by drinking the holy water Ganges.

In the bank of river Ganges, several holy temples are situated, which include Kashi temple, Kali temple, Vishnu temple and Hanuman temple, and ancient Rishis were lived in the banks of River Ganges in their Ashrams.

Ganga is described as the goddess who gives good fortunes in our life, and the Ganges River has been considered as the holiest among all the rivers by Hindus. River Ganges is worshipped as Ganga Mata. She looks very beautiful with a smiling face, and with a golden body. She contains the features of Mata Parvati Devi. The importance of   Ganges River is mentioned in Vedas and in various divine texts.

She was also the wife of the Kuru king Shantanu, and their son was Pithamaka Bhishma, and her vehicle is Crocodile

Through the great king Bhageeratha, she came down to the earth from Kailasa, and still clearing our sins and blessing us with her divine powers.

Ancestor’s last rites are performed here, in order to make their souls satisfied, and also they can travel easily to the respective worlds, based on their karmic deeds.

While coming down to the earth, she destroyed the meditation of Jahnu rishi. Due to that, he got angry and drank up the waters of river Ganges.  Due to her prayers, Jahnu released her from his ears. Hence she got the name as Jahnavi.

Ganga Jayanti is celebrated mostly by the north Indians on Saptami of Vaishakh month’s shukla paksha of every year. Ganga Mata is also worshipped during the Navaratri festival as goddess Mata Durga.

The following are the 108 wonderful names of Ma Ganga. Let us recite it regularly, in order to get Ma Ganga’s blessings:

  1. Om Gangayai Namah
  2. Om Tripathagadevyai Namah
  3. Om Shambhumauliviharinyai Namah
  4. Om Jahnavyai Namah
  5. Om Papahantryai Namah
  6. Om Mahapatakanashinyai Namah
  7. Om Patitoddharinyai Namah
  8. Om Srotasvatyai Namah
  9. Om Paramaveginyai Namah
  10. Om Vishnupadabjasambhutayai Namah
  11. Om Vishnudehakritalayayai Namah
  12. Om Svargabdhinilayayai Namah
  13. Om Sadhvyai Namah
  14. Om Svarnadyai Namah
  15. Om Suranimnagayai Namah
  16. Om Mandakinyai Namah
  17. Om Mahavegayai Namah
  18. Om Svarnashringaprabhedinyai Namah
  19. Om Devapujyatamayai Namah
  20. Om Divyayai Namah
  21. Om Divyasthananivasinyai Namah
  22. Om Sucharuniraruchirayai Namah
  23. Om Mahaparvatabhedinyai Namah
  24. Om Bhagirathyai Namah
  25. Om Bhagavatyai Namah
  26. Om Mahamokshapradayinyai Namah
  27. Om Sindhusangagatayai Namah
  28. Om Shuddhayai Namah
  29. Om Rasatalanivasinyai Namah
  30. Om Mahabhogayai Namah
  31. Om Bhogavatyai Namah
  32. Om Subhaganandadayinyai Namah
  33. Om Mahapapaharayai Namah
  34. Om Punyayai Namah
  35. Om Paramahladadayinyai Namah
  36. Om Parvatyai Namah
  37. Om Shivapatnyai Namah
  38. Om Shivashirshagatalayayai Namah
  39. Om Shambhorjatamadhyagatayai Namah
  40. Om Nirmalayai Namah
  41. Om Nirmalananayai Namah
  42. Om Mahakalushahantryai Namah
  43. Om Jahnuputryai Namah
  44. Om Jagatpriyayai Namah
  45. Om Trailokyapavanyai Namah
  46. Om Purnayai Namah
  47. Om Purnabrahmasvarupinyai Namah
  48. Om Jagatpujyatamayai Namah
  49. Om Charurupinyai Namah
  50. Om Jagadambikayai Namah
  51. Om Lokanugrahakartryai Namah
  52. Om Sarvalokadayaparayai Namah
  53. Om Yamyabhitiharayai Namah
  54. Om Tarayai Namah
  55. Om Parayai Namah
  56. Om Sansaratarinyai Namah
  57. Om Brahmandabhedinyai Namah
  58. Om Brahmakamandalukritalayayai Namah
  59. Om Saubhagyadayinyai Namah
  60. Om Punsan Nirvanapadadayinyai Namah
  61. Om Achintyacharitayai Namah
  62. Om Charuruchiratimanoharayai Namah
  63. Om Martyasthayai Namah
  64. Om Mrityubhayahayai Namah
  65. Om Svargamokshapradayinyai Namah
  66. Om Papapaharinyai Namah
  67. Om Duracharinyai Namah
  68. Om Vichidharinyai Namah
  69. Om Karunyapurnayai Namah
  70. Om Karunamayyai Namah
  71. Om Duritanashinyai Namah
  72. Om Girirajasutayai Namah
  73. Om Gauribhaginyai Namah
  74. Om Girishapriyayai Namah
  75. Om Menakagarbhasambhutayai Namah
  76. Om Mainakabhaginipriyayai Namah
  77. Om Adyayai Namah
  78. Om Trilokajananyai Namah
  79. Om Trailokyaparipalinyai Namah
  80. Om Tirthashreshthatamayai Namah
  81. Om Shreshthayai Namah
  82. Om Sarvatirthamayyai Namah
  83. Om Shubhayai Namah
  84. Om Chaturvedamayyai Namah
  85. Om Sarvayai Namah
  86. Om Pitrisantriptidayinyai Namah
  87. Om Shivadayai Namah
  88. Om Shivasayujyadayinyai Namah
  89. Om Shivavallabhayai Namah
  90. Om Tejasvinyai Namah
  91. Om Trinayanayai Namah
  92. Om Trilochanamanoramayai Namah
  93. Om Saptadharayai Namah
  94. Om Shatamukhyai Namah
  95. Om Sagaranvayatarinyai Namah
  96. Om Munisevyayai Namah
  97. Om Munisutayai Namah
  98. Om Jahnujanuprabhedinyai Namah
  99. Om Makarasthayai Namah
  100. Om Sarvagatayai Namah
  101. Om Sarvashubhanivarinyai Namah
  102. Om Sudrishyayai Namah
  103. Om Chakshushitriptidayinyai Namah
  104. Om Makaralayayai Namah
  105. Om Sadanandamayyai Namah
  106. Om Nityanandadayai Namah
  107. Om Nagapujitayai Namah
  108. Om Sarvadevadhidevaih Namah