Ma Gayatri Devi Namavali




Ma Gayatri is well known for her popular Gayatri Mantra. She is also known as Vedamata. Gayatri is considered to be the consort of Lord Brahma.

According to ancient puranas, Ma Gayatri killed the demon Vetrasura, since he had given trouble to the people living in the earth and in heaven.

Ma Gayatri Devi contains the powers of Devi Parvati, and it is also believed that she is the incarnation of Ma Parvati.

Gayatri is worshipped since ancient period. She is mainly worshipped by the learned scholars and the great rishis for getting adequate knowledge in the Vedic subjects.

Gayatri exist in 24 female forms. And she contains superior powers, and she is the controller of the entire universe.

She is the main source of the Gayatri Mantra. Without uttering this mantra, a proper Hindu ceremony will not get completed. (tramadol) She lives in that mantra, and gives us various benefits, if we sincerely chant the mantra as a daily practice. This mantra is usually recited by the Brahmins and by some sects of Hindus who wears the sacred thread. After the next day of Avani Avittam festival, during the day of Gayatri Japam, it is suggested to utter at least 1000 times of Gayatri mantra.

Let us recite the following 108 beautiful names of Ma Gayatri Devi in order to get her entire grace.

  1. Om gayatri sankasayai namah
  2. Om sahasra nayanojjvalayai namah
  3. Om vichitra malyabharanayai namah
  4. Om tuhinachala vasinyai namah
  5. Om varadabhaya hastabjayai namah
  6. Om revatira nivasinyai namah
  7. Om pranityaya visesajnayai namah
  8. Om yantrakṛta virajitayai namah
  9. Om bhadrapadapriyayai namah
  10. Om govinda padagaminyai namah
  11. Om devarsigana saṃstutyayai namah
  12. Om vanamala vibhusitayai namah
  13. Om syandanottama samsthanayai namah
  14. Om dhirajimuta nisvanayai namah
  15. Om mattamatanga gamanayai namah
  16. Om hiranyakamalasanayai namah
  17. Om dhijanadhara niratayai namah
  18. Om yoginyai namah
  19. Om yogadhariṇyai namah
  20. Om natanaṭyaika niratayai namah
  21. Om pranavadyaksaratmikayai namah
  22. Om choracharakriyasaktayai namah
  23. Om daridryachChedakariṇyai namah
  24. Om yadavendra kulodbhutayai namah
  25. Om turiyapathagaminyai namah
  26. Om gayatryai namah
  27. Om gomatyai namah
  28. Om gangayai namah
  29. Om gautamyai namah
  30. Om garudasanayai namah
  31. Om geyaganapriyayai namah
  32. Om gauryai namah
  33. Om govindapada pujitayai namah
  34. Om gandharva nagarakarayai namah
  35. Om gauravarnayai namah
  36. Om ganesvaryai namah
  37. Om gadasrayayai namah
  38. Om gunavatyai namah
  39. Om gahvaryai namah
  40. Om ganapujitayai namah
  41. Om gunatraya samayuktayai namah
  42. Om gunatraya vivarjitayai namah
  43. Om guhavasayai namah
  44. Om gunadharayai namah
  45. Om guhyayai namah
  46. Om gandharvarupiṇyai namah
  47. Om gargya priyayai namah
  48. Om gurupadayai namah
  49. Om guhyalinganga dharinyai namah
  50. Om savitryai namah
  51. Om suryatanayayai namah
  52. Om susumna nadibhedinyai namah
  53. Om suprakasayai namah
  54. Om sukhasinayai namah
  55. Om sumatyai namah
  56. Om surapujitayai namah
  57. Om susuptyavasthayai namah
  58. Om sudatyai namah
  59. Om sundaryai namah
  60. Om sagarambarayai namah
  61. Om sudhamsu bimbavadanayai namah
  62. Om sustanyai namah
  63. Om suvilochanayai namah
  64. Om sitayai namah
  65. Om sarvasrayayai namah
  66. Om sandhyayai namah
  67. Om suphalayai namah
  68. Om sukhadayinyai namah
  69. Om subhruve namah
  70. Om sunasayai namah
  71. Om susronyai namah
  72. Om samsararnavatarinyai namah
  73. Om samagana priyayai namah
  74. Om sadhvyai namah
  75. Om sarvabharaṇa pujitayai namah
  76. Om vaisnavyai namah
  77. Om vimalakarayai namah
  78. Om mahendryai namah
  79. Om mantrarupiṇyai namah
  80. Om mahalaksmyai namah
  81. Om mahasiddhyai namah
  82. Om mahamayayai namah
  83. Om mahesvaryai namah
  84. Om mohinyai namah
  85. Om madhusudana choditayai namah
  86. Om minakṣyai namah
  87. Om madhuravasayai namah
  88. Om nagendra tanayayai namah
  89. Om umayai namah
  90. Om trivikrama padakrantayai namah
  91. Om trisvarayai namah
  92. Om trilochanayai namah
  93. Om suryamandala madhyasthayai namah
  94. Om chandramaṇḍala saṃsthitayai namah
  95. Om vahnimandala madhyasthayai namah
  96. Om vayumandala samsthitayai namah
  97. Om vyomamandalayai namah
  98. Om chakrinyai namah
  99. Om chakrarupiṇyai namah
  100. Om kalachakra vitanasthayai namah
  101. Om chandramanḍala darpanayai namah
  102. Om jyotsnatapanuliptaṅgyai namah
  103. Om mahamaruta vijitayai namah
  104. Om sarvamantrasrayayai namah
  105. Om dhenave namah
  106. Om papaghnyai namah
  107. Om paramesvaryai namah
  108. Om mangalambigai namah