Ma Godavari Namavali




According to Shiva Purana, sage Gautama, who is the son of Lord Brahma, had performed severe meditation on Lord Varuna on the Mountain Brahmagiri since there was severe drought in that area. Lord Varuna, the great ocean god, and the reliever of sins of the people, had appeared before Gautama and asked him to pray to Lord Shiva to fulfil his wishes.

Due to that, the great rishi Gautama started doing severe penance on Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appears before him, and sends Ganga into the earth and she has transformed into the holy River Godavari and began to flow in the earth.

Due to the request of Mata Godavari, Shiva appears as Tryambakeshwara, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Gautama and several other sages took bath in the divine river. Tryambakeshwara temple is a famous temple for getting relieved from Pitru doshams and people from all parts of India visits this temple.

Let us worship Mata Godavari by chanting her 108 lovely names, and let us be blessed.

  1. Om Godavari Mata Namah
  2. Om Sarvamangala Namah
  3. Om Sauliviharinyai Namah
  4. Om Punyai Namah
  5. Om Papahantryai Namah
  6. Om Mahashinyai Namah
  7. Om Pavitrinyai Namah
  8. Om Stotasvatyai Namah
  9. Om Paramavaginyai Namah
  10. Om Vishnupadambhutayai Namah
  11. Om Vishnudehaalankaryai Namah
  12. Om Svargavasiniye Namah
  13. Om Sadhavyai Namah
  14. Om Svarnadivyai Namah
  15. Om Swarnaalankaryai Namah
  16. Om Iswaryai Namah
  17. Om Mahavidyai Namah
  18. Om Shringariniyai Namah
  19. Om Devapujyai Namah
  20. Om Divyamangalai Namah
  21. Om Divyaalankaryai Namah
  22. Om Sucharchirayai Namah
  23. Om Mahaparvatiniyai Namah
  24. Om Bhagavathiyai Namah
  25. Om Bhagavatyai Namah
  26. Om Mahamokshanyai Namah
  27. Om Sindhusangyai Namah
  28. Om Shuddhayai Namah
  29. Om Paripurnyai Namah
  30. Om Mahadeviyai Namah
  31. Om Vishnubhaktyai Namah
  32. Om Subhamangalyai Namah
  33. Om Mahalakshmiyai Namah
  34. Om Punyanathiyai Namah
  35. Om Paramadhairinyai Namah
  36. Om Parvatyai Namah
  37. Om Shivapriyai Namah
  38. Om Shivamangalai Namah
  39. Om Shamgatayai Namah
  40. Om Nirmalayai Namah
  41. Om Nirmalananayai Namah
  42. Om Mahashaktiyai Namah
  43. Om Sundariyai Namah
  44. Om Jagatpriyayai Namah
  45. Om Trailokyapavanyai Namah
  46. Om Purnayai Namah
  47. Om Purnabrahmavasiniyai Namah
  48. Om Jagatpujyatamayai Namah
  49. Om Charurupinyai Namah
  50. Om Jagadambikayai Namah
  51. Om Lokanugrahakartryai Namah
  52. Om Sarvalokaparayai Namah
  53. Om Yamyabhitiharayai Namah
  54. Om Tarayai Namah
  55. Om Parayai Namah
  56. Om Sansaratarinyai Namah
  57. Om Brahmandabhedinyai Namah
  58. Om Brahmakumariyai Namah
  59. Om Saubhagyadayinyai Namah
  60. Om Nirvanapadadayinyai Namah
  61. Om Achintyacharitayai Namah
  62. Om Charukesiniyai Namah
  63. Om Martyasthayai Namah
  64. Om Mrityubhayahayai Namah
  65. Om Svargadaraniyai Namah
  66. Om Papapaharinyai Namah
  67. Om Duracharinyai Namah
  68. Om Vichidharinyai Namah
  69. Om Karunyapuraniyai Namah
  70. Om Karunamayiyai Namah
  71. Om Duritanashinyai Namah
  72. Om Girirajasutayai Namah
  73. Om Gauribhaginyai Namah
  74. Om Girishapriyayai Namah
  75. Om Menakabhutayai Namah
  76. Om Mainaginipriyayai Namah
  77. Om Adyayai Namah
  78. Om Trilokajananyai Namah
  79. Om Trailokyaparipalinyai Namah
  80. Om Tirthashreshtamayai Namah
  81. Om Shreshtyai Namah
  82. Om Sarvamayyai Namah
  83. Om Shubhayai Namah
  84. Om Chaturvedamayyai Namah
  85. Om Sarvayai Namah
  86. Om Pitrisandayinyai Namah
  87. Om Shivadayai Namah
  88. Om Shivadayinyai Namah
  89. Om Shivavallabhayai Namah
  90. Om Tejasvinyai Namah
  91. Om Trinayanayai Namah
  92. Om Trilochanamanoramayai Namah
  93. Om Saptadharayai Namah
  94. Om Shatamukhyai Namah
  95. Om Sagaranvayatarinyai Namah
  96. Om Munisevyayai Namah
  97. Om Munisutayai Namah
  98. Om Pooshaniyai Namah
  99. Om Makarasthayai Namah
  100. Om Sarvagatayai Namah
  101. Om Sarvasvarinyai Namah
  102. Om Sudrishyayai Namah
  103. Om Chakshudayinyai Namah
  104. Om Makaralayayai Namah
  105. Om Sadanandamayiyai Namah
  106. Om Nityanandadayai Namah
  107. Om Nagapujitayai Namah
  108. Om Sarvadevadeviyai Namah