Ma Lakshmi Namavali




Ma Lakshmi Devi is the beautiful consort of Lord Vishnu, and she can be seen seated in a big lotus flower in the pictures. She is the one who would shower her immense blessings on those who sincerely worship her by chanting her mantras, songs and by adorning with flowers and flower garlands. Ma Lakshmi Devi temple in Kolhapur is considered as a famous temple, and she is the giver of boons and the fulfiller of our wishes. Ma Lakshmi Devi photos would be affixed in the walls, in most of the offices of the financiers, money lenders and business people, as a token of expressing their love and affection on the holy mother.

Ma Lakshmi Devi is mentioned in the Rig Veda, and in that she is mentioned as the goddess of fortune, wisdom and wealth. In some texts, it is also mentioned, that Lord Shiva himself would worship Ma Lakshmi while performing meditation in the holy Mount Kailash. Ma Lakshmi Devi is the divine mother for all the living beings in the earth and in the heaven. Sometimes, Ma Lakshmi Devi is also compared with Ma Shakti Devi, and she also would be referred as “AMMAN” and “AMBAL”. There is a famous temple for Ma Lakshmi which is situated at Perambur, Chennai, and the temple is known as “LAKSHMI AMMAN TEMPLE”.

The Ashta Lakshmi Temple situated in Besant Nagar, Chennai, is also considered as a famous temple and lot of tourists from all over India would visit this popular temple of Ma Lakshmi, in order to have the glimpse of all the eight Lakshmi shrines present in the temple. Since this wonderful temple is situated nearby the Besant Nagar beach, we can also enjoy the cool natural breeze while visiting the temple.

The 108 marvellous names of Ma Lakshmi are as follows:

  1. Om Ma Adi Lakshmiye Namah
  2. Om Dhana Lakshmiye Namah
  3. Om Dhanya Lakshmiye Namah
  4. Om Gaja Lakshmiye Namah
  5. Om Santhana Lakshmiye Namah
  6. Om Veera Lakshmiye Namah
  7. Om Jaya Lakshmiye Namah
  8. Om Vidhya Lakshmiye Namah
  9. Om Vache Namah
  10. Om Padmalayayai Namah
  11. Om Padmayai Namah
  12. Om Shuchaye Namah
  13. Om Swahayai Namah
  14. Om Swadhayai Namah
  15. Om Sudhayai Namah
  16. Om Dhanyayai Namah
  17. Om Hiranmayyai Namah
  18. Om Lakshmyai Namah
  19. Om NityaPushtayai Namah
  20. Om Vibhavaryai Namah
  21. Om Adityai Namah
  22. Om Dityai Namah
  23. Om Dipayai Namah
  24. Om Vasudhayai Namah
  25. Om Vasudharinyai Namah
  26. Om Kamalayai Namah
  27. Om Kantayai Namah
  28. Om Kamakshyai Namah
  29. Om Kshirodhasambhavam Namah
  30. Om Krodhasambhavayai Namah
  31. Om Anugrahapradayai Namah
  32. Om Buddhaye Namah
  33. Om Anaghayai Namah
  34. Om Harivallabhyai Namah
  35. Om Ashokayai Namah
  36. Om Amritayai Namah
  37. Om Diptayai Namah
  38. Om Lokashokavinashinyai Namah
  39. Om Dharmanilayayai Namah
  40. Om Karunayai Namah
  41. Om Lokamatre Namah
  42. Om Padmapriyayai Namah
  43. Om Padmahastayai Namah
  44. Om Padmakshyai Namah
  45. Om Padmasundaryai Namah
  46. Om Padmodbhavayai Namah
  47. Om Padmamukhyai Namah
  48. Om Padmanabhapriyayai Namah
  49. Om Ramayai Namah
  50. Om Padmamaladharayai Namah
  51. Om Devyai Namah
  52. Om Padminyai Namah
  53. Om Padmagandhinyai Namah
  54. Om Punyagandhayai Namah
  55. Om Suprasannayai Namah
  56. Om Prasadabhimukhyai Namah
  57. Om Prabhayai Namah
  58. Om Chandravadanayai Namah
  59. Om Chandrayai Namah
  60. Om Chandrasahodaryai Namah
  61. Om Chaturbhujayai Namah
  62. Om Chandrarupayai Namah
  63. Om Indirayai Namah
  64. Om Indushitalayai Namah
  65. Om Ahladajananyai Namah
  66. Om Pushtayai Namah
  67. Om Shivayai Namah
  68. Om Shivakaryai Namah
  69. Om Satyai Namah
  70. Om Vimalayai Namah
  71. Om Vishwajananyai Namah
  72. Om Tushtayai Namah
  73. Om Daridryanashinyai Namah
  74. Om Pritipushskarinyai Namah
  75. Om Shantayai Namah
  76. Om Shuklamalyambarayai Namah
  77. Om Shriyai Namah
  78. Om Bhaskaryai Namah
  79. Om Bilvanilayayai Namah
  80. Om Vararohayai Namah
  81. Om Yashaswinyai Namah
  82. Om Vasundharayai Namah
  83. Om Udarangayai Namah
  84. Om Harinyai Namah
  85. Om Hemamalinyai Namah
  86. Om Dhanadhanyakaryai Namah
  87. Om Siddhaye Namah
  88. Om Strainasoumyayai Namah
  89. Om Shubhapradayai Namah
  90. Om Nripaveshmagatanandayai Namah
  91. Om Varalakshmyai Namah
  92. Om Vasupradayai Namah
  93. Om Shubhayai Namah
  94. Om Hiranyaprakarayai Namah
  95. Om Samudratanayayai Namah
  96. Om Mangala Devyai Namah
  97. Om Vishnuvakshassthalasthitayai Namah
  98. Om Vishnupatnyai Namah
  99. Om Prasannakshyai Namah
  100. Om Narayanasamashritayai Namah
  101. Om Daridryadhwamsinyai Namah
  102. Om Devyai Namah
  103. Om Sarvopadrava Varinyai Namah
  104. Om Navadurgayai Namah
  105. Om Mahakalyai Namah
  106. Om Brahmavishnushivatmikayai Namah
  107. Om Trikalajnanasampannayai Namah
  108. Om Bhuvaneshwaryai Namah