Ma Pratyangira Devi Namavali



Ma Pratyangira Devi is an avatar of Parvati Devi. She is also a form of Adi Parashakti and she is the consort of Lord Sharabeswarar, a form of Lord Shiva, who took the Yazhi avatar to pacify Lord Narasimha. She contains lion’s face and human body and contains the combined power of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti. She was created in order to protect the good ones from the evil forces. Pratyangira is also worshipped as Kali and Narasimhi by the devotees. According to the ancient Vedas, she is mentioned as the lion goddess with great protective and destructive powers.

Lord Narasimha, even after killing the demon King Hiranyakashipu was remained in anger and fiercely roared. In order to control him, Lord Shiva took the form of Sharabeswarar, and controlled his anger. At that time, with the powers of Lord Shiva and Lord Narasimha, Mata Pratyangira was formed and appeared in front of them.

By worshipping Devi Pratyangira, we can get rid of problems from black magic, and also we will get a sound mind and a healthy body. Our mind will be peaceful, and the divine powers of Devi Pratyangira would always force us to do only good things in our life.

The 108 marvellous names of Ma Prayangira Devi are as follows:-

  1. Om pratyangirayai namah
  2. Om Omkararupinyai namah
  3. Om visvarupayai namah
  4. Om virupaksapriyayai namah
  5. Om jatajutakarinyai namah
  6. Om kapalamalalankrtayai namah
  7. Om nagendrabhusanayai namah
  8. Om nagayajnopavitadharinyai namah
  9. Om sakalaraksasanasinyai namah
  10. Om smasanavasinyai namah
  11. Om kuncitakesinyai namah
  12. Om kapalakhatvangadharinyai namah
  13. Om raktanetrajvalinyai namah
  14. Om caturbhujayai namah
  15. Om candrasahodaryai namah
  16. Om jvalakaralavadanayai namah
  17. Om bhadrakalyai namah
  18. Om hemavatyai namah
  19. Om narayanasamasritayai namah
  20. Om simhamukhyai namah
  21. Om mahisasuramardinyai namah
  22. Om dhumralocanayai namah
  23. Om sankarapranavallabhayai namah
  24. Om laksmivanisevitayai namah
  25. Om krparupinyai namah
  26. Om krsnangyai namah
  27. Om pretavahanayai namah
  28. Om pretabhoginyai namah
  29. Om pretabhojinyai namah
  30. Om sivanugrahavallabhayai namah
  31. Om pancapretasanayai namah
  32. Om mahakalyai namah
  33. Om vanavasinyai namah
  34. Om animadigunasrayayai namah
  35. Om raktapriyayai namah
  36. Om sakamamsapriyayai namah
  37. Om narasiromalalankrtayai namah
  38. Om attahasinyai namah
  39. Om karalavadanayai namah
  40. Om lalajjihvayai namah
  41. Om hrimkarayai namah
  42. Om hrimvibhutyai namah
  43. Om satrunasinyai namah
  44. Om bhutanasinyai namah
  45. Om sarvaduritavinasinyai namah
  46. Om sakalapannasinyai namah
  47. Om astabhairavasevitayai namah
  48. Om brahmavisnusivatmikayai namah
  49. Om bhuvanesvaryai namah
  50. Om dakiniparisevitayai namah
  51. Om raktannapriyayai namah
  52. Om mamsanisthayai namah
  53. Om madhupanapriyollasinyai namah
  54. Om damarukadharinyai namah
  55. Om bhaktapriyayai namah
  56. Om paramantravidarinyai namah
  57. Om parayantranasinyai namah
  58. Om parakrtyavidhvamsinyai namah
  59. Om mahaprajnayai namah
  60. Om mahabalayai namah
  61. Om kumarakalpasevitayai namah
  62. Om simhavahanayai namah
  63. Om simhagarjinyai namah
  64. Om purnacandranibhayai namah
  65. Om trinetrayai namah
  66. Om bhandasunisevitayai namah
  67. Om prasannarupadharinyai namah
  68. Om bhuktimuktipradayinyai namah
  69. Om sakalaisvaryadharinyai namah
  70. Om navagraharupinyai namah
  71. Om kamadhenupragalbhayai namah
  72. Om yogamayayugandharayai namah
  73. Om guhyavidyayai namah
  74. Om mahavidyayai namah
  75. Om siddhividyayai namah
  76. Om khadgamandalasupujitayai namah
  77. Om salagramanivasinyai namah
  78. Om yonirupinyai namah
  79. Om navayonicakratmikayai namah
  80. Om sricakrasucarinyai namah
  81. Om rajarajasupujitayai namah
  82. Om nigrahanugrahayai namah
  83. Om sabhanugrahakarinyai namah
  84. Om balendumaulisevitayai namah
  85. Om gangadharalingitayai namah
  86. Om virarupayai namah
  87. Om varabhayapradayai namah
  88. Om vasudevavisalaksyai namah
  89. Om parvatastanamandalayai namah
  90. Om himadrinivasinyai namah
  91. Om durgarupayai namah
  92. Om durgatiharinyai namah
  93. Om isanatrayanasinyai namah
  94. Om mahabhisanayai namah
  95. Om kaivalyaphalapradayai namah
  96. Om atmasamraksinyai namah
  97. Om sakalasatruvinasinyai namah
  98. Om nagapasadharinyai namah
  99. Om sakalavighnanasinyai namah
  100. Om paramantratantrakarsinyai namah
  101. Om sarvadustapradustayai namah
  102. Om mahamantrayantratantrayai namah
  103. Om nilakanthinyai namah
  104. Om ghorarupinyai namah
  105. Om vijayambayai namah
  106. Om dhurjatinyai namah
  107. Om mahabhairavapriyayai namah
  108. Om mahabhadrakalipratyangirayai namah




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