Mahavatar Babaji



Mahavatar Babaji is an Avatara Purusha, and he has popular disciples like Sri  Lahiri Mahasaya. Once he met Lahiri Mahasaya in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, and he invited him to his cave also. He had humbly treated him, and taught “KRIYA YOGA”, and asked him to spread it throughout the world. Even though, Lahiri Mahasaya was a householder and an employed person, but, he taught the “KRIYA YOGA” during his free time to his followers and to his famous disciples like Sri Yukteswar Giri, and made them to become an expert in various Yoga Concepts.

Some years back, a film was also produced in Tamil by mentioning the greatness of Babaji, and it received good response from the audiences. Similar to Shirdi Sai Baba and Guru Raghavendra, Sri Mahavatar Babaji is also removing the sufferings from our life, and he would make us to peacefully smile in our lives. Mahavatar Babaji is still residing in his cave, which is popularly known as “BABAJI CAVE” with his disciples, at the Holy Himalayas, and through his extraordinary powers, he is passing divine thoughts in the minds of the people who believe him fully. His Holy sister, “MATHAJI”, is also settled in a cave nearby her brother, and she is doing severe penance on the almighty, for the goodness of the people in the world.

Some of the good golden quotes of Mahavatar Babaji are as follows:

For those blessed souls, entry would be permitted in the kingdom of God and they can live happily for a long time in that divine world.

We have to ignore the bad things in our life like the wise ants which used to avoid sand and would eat only the sugar.

A person would be regarded as a yogi if he discharges his responsibilities in a proper manner, in order to attain the path of Spiritual enlightenment.

If you have any doubts on spirituality, you have to get it clarified soon, by approaching wise and learned people.

Love unites the people in the world together.

The Divine powers of the almighty cannot be expressed in words, and it is immeasurable and unimaginable by us.

Always maintain strict patience while you want to learn the spiritual subjects from your Guru.

One has to face his own karma, and he cannot pass it on to others.

Worldly pleasures do not last long, they are like the water bubbles, and it would disappear quickly, and hence try to do meditation, and realise the presence of the god on your soul.

God’s presence is everywhere, and we can find him even in a small particle.

God is one, and through his supremacy, he is controlling the entire universe.

God is never born, and he never dies, and he will remain in the universe even at the time of deluge.

Let the people wake up from the deep sleep of ignorance, and let them remain active about knowing the god.

All beings lives and dies according to their Karmas, and hence in order to avoid rebirths, try to do lot of good deeds in your life.

Proper Meditation would make you to attain liberation.

God doesn’t find any differentiation between the rich and the poor, he observes only the good qualities of the people, and he awards suitably to the noble people.

We cannot change the laid down rules of the god, since it has been followed for several millions of years.

In order to attain purity of mind, our mind must think only about good things.

Physical and mental strength is a must in order to live your life easily.

Don’t get panic when you face any problems in your life, have a strong mind in order to face any kind of challenges in your life. Remember that, god alone would help you to travel smoothly in your life ocean. Hence never forget him throughout in your life.