Vedic Suktas

Veda means knowledge, and the Vedas are the most sacred scripture of Hinduism often referred to as Sruti, meaning what was heard by or revealed to the Rishis or seers. The most holy hymns and mantras put together into four collections called the Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva Vedas are difficult to date, because they were passed on orally for about a thousand years before they were written down. More recent categories of  Vedas include the Brahmanas or manuals for ritual and prayer, the Aranyakas or forest texts for religious hermits, and the Upanishads or mystical discourses.

Sukti means ‘beautiful statements’. A collection of very beautifully composed incantations itself is a Sukta. The Sukta is also synonymous to Richas. ‘Rit’means – an incantation that contains praises. Here is a collection of few of the blissful Suktas from Vedas:

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