Bhat Khawai

Bhat Khawai

Bride’s Parents visit the Bridegroom

During the occasion of Bhat Khawai, the bride’s parents are invited by the bridegroom’s parents, at their place, after the passage of sometime after marriage. Many parents are reluctant to accept the invitation, because they think that their daughter has been offered in Kanyadan or gift and nothing can be taken in return as reciprocation. There are other parents, who visit their place but do not consume or even drink any water.

Some parents take loads of gifts such as token money, fruits and gifts for the in-laws and accept their food in return. After the Bhat Khawai ceremony, the parents of bride socialize with their in-laws and have food. The Bhat Khawai ceremony is considered as very significant after marriage, since it encourages a lot of interaction between both the families.

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