Change of name

Importance of Name Change Ceremony

Sacred formulas and ritualistic charms have been practiced since time immemorial, to ward off evil spirits and influences. The Hindu marriage manuals also stress upon this fact and suggest the practice of these holy activities. The nature of marriage is considered very critical, owing to the attendant dangers faced by the couple. Every effort during the marriage ceremony is made to remove these ill-effects.

The bride is considered to be more vulnerable than the bridegroom. Hence, she is the epicenter of all the complex intricacies and auspicious ceremonies. The girl’s name is often changed to match the Rashis and get protected from the impending dangers, misfortunes and obstacles. Her name is also changed to make the horoscopes match. This practice has a lot of similarity with the concept of Numerology. The Arya Samajists and the modern day Hindus tend to ignore these implications, but it is considered as one of the most important and critical aspects of Hindu nuptial tradition and custom.