Chawka Puja

Chawka Sanctified

Chawka is a ritual space at the bridegroom’s place, where a Puja is performed after the marriage. The Vedi and Harish are brought from the actual Maroh at the bride’s place and placed at the open makeshift Maroh. The Chawka is sanctified with sacred verses. Gods and Goddesses are invited to act as divine witnesses and give blessings to the couple. The Gowri-Ganesh Puja and the rites to propitiate the nine planets and other Gods are performed, so that the nuptial spot is sanctified.

Kumbh Ritual

A Kumbh or ceremonial pot is also placed at the foot of the Harish, symbolizing Varuna or the ocean god. The Kumbh is filled up with water, to symbolize the ocean. Food, water, betel nut, flowers, rice, sweets, fruits, clothing and coins are offered before the religious performances.