Crossing the Threshold

Bride’s brother’s arrival

The occasion of threshold crossing is observed a couple of days after the marriage. The brother of the bride comes to receive the bride from her in-laws place. He brings sweetmeats and niceties for her in-laws family. The time is fixed by the priest, in accordance with the religious scriptures. Tuesdays are avoided, owing to it being the day of Lord Hanuman, the bachelor God.

Ritual mentioned in Atharva Veda

The bride visits her parent’s placv e, for the Dwar Langai or threshold crossing and the nuptial bath. These rituals have been mentioned in the ancient Vedic customs, as mentioned in the Atharva Veda. A few drops of water are held in the palm and rotated around the head of the bride, before she crosses her parent’s doorsteps. Some water is also sprinkled around her ears and feet, signifying the ritualistic bath. The bride then visits the family shrine. The ladies from the family of the bridegroom visit the bride’s place in the evening and leaves along with the bride, after having their dinner. On another ritualistic day, the couple is invited to the bride’s place for lunch and thereafter, they can come and go to the bride’s place, as and when they please.

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