Distrbution of Soaked Grams

The Khoinchaeo Tradition

Khoinchaeo is actually the tradition of giving soaked grams to women, at an auspicious occasion. It is especially very popular in and around the Gangetic Belt, and is in existence even till this date. The grams are soaked overnight in huge bamboo baskets and are left to germinate. They are then distributed among the women, who carry it in the loose end of their Saris, also known Khoinchas.

Matkor Ceremony

Nowadays, instead of carrying the soaked grams in the Khoinchas, the host places the two bamboo baskets of grams at their courtyards and distributes the soaked grams to the departing guests, in neatly packed plastic bags. The tradition of Khoinchas is also associated with the Matkor ceremony of the Bhojpur region and the Haldi ceremony. Previously, it used to be distributed amongst the guests at the singing sessions on Fridays. The wisdom states that the nutritionally enriched soaked grams are good for the health of the young women, amongst whom it is distributed.

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