The Ritual

The word Gharbharai literally means filling of the house. This ceremony symbolizes prosperity and is a folk tradition performed by the ladies of the bride’s house. This ceremony usually takes place at the Kohbar, where both the bride and bridegroom face eastwards or northwards and hold their cupped hands together. The ladies from the bride’s house questions the bridegroom, about whose house he cares about the most and then pour a handful of rice in their cupped hands.

Bridegroom’s Role

The bridegroom tries to defend his own house and throws the rice backwards. Ultimately, the bridegroom relents to the efforts of the ladies and states that he also cares about his in-laws.

In the Gangetic belt region, some other questions are also put forward to the bridegroom. In some places, he is also asked to recite some poetry or verse. The bridegroom prepares well in advance for such challenges and tries to defend the honor of his own house.

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