Grah Puja

The Method of Puja

The Nav Graha Puja literally means the puja ceremony performed to propitiate the nine planets. It is usually performed after the Kalash Sthapana and the Matri Puja. The nine planets are represented by the nine bamboo poles, which are erected at the Maroh. Eight poles are erected in a circular arrangement and one is erected at the center, which also represents the marriage pole.  

The Significance

The Nav Graha Puja is performed for neutralizing and warding off the evil and negative influences from the lives of the newly married couple. Many obstacles and hurdles may arise in life, owing to the cosmic disharmony among the stars. This presents attendant danger in the transitional phase of the lives of the couple. The performance of the Nav Graha puja removes all such hurdles and obstacles from their lives.

During the performance of temporary Puja, the nine planets are represented by nine betel nuts or bamboo staffs. Different colored miniature flags are attached to the bamboo staffs. During the performance of the Puja, the nine planets are requested with reverence and due respect, to take their seat and grace the occasion with their blessings. Their Asan is placed at a prominent place on the Chawka and the puja is symbolically performed on the Bedi.

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