Kankan Bhandhan

The Sacred Thread Exchange

A little piece of the nail from the bridegroom’s finger is cut and tied on piece of sacred thread and worn on the left wrist of the bride. In a similar manner, a piece of thread ties a piece of nail from the bride’s finger onto the right wrist of the bridegroom. The cutting of the nails is performed on the occasion of Nahacho Nonkh Tungna. These threads are believed to be protective cords or Kankan and worn till the Chowthari or the fourth day of the marriage. The thread is also worn until the husband and wife have entered conjugal life.

The Connotation

These threads are believed to protect the couple from the evil vibrations, envious, negative and lurking minds, and enemies. The cords blessed by the priests at Harish and dyed in Mahavar are meant to ward off the negative influences. The Kankan removal ceremony symbolizes the ancient practices, during which the nuptial garments were offered to the presiding priests.

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