Bride’s Companion

The word Lokni is derived from Lokan, to look. Lokni is an individual or a party, who accompanies the bride, when she leaves for the bridegroom’s place. In the older days, the rich families used to send servants and maids along with the bride. Even King Janaka had sent ten male and ten female servants, along with Sita, when she left for Ayodhya.

In the Gangetic belt, they are also known as Lokandi and Lokanda. Loknis are usually the Nani or Dadi i.e. grandmother of the bride, whose husband is alive. The accompaniment is considered to be very important, as the new bride is completely unaware about her new environment. The Loknis eased the situation for the bride and made her feel comfortable in the new environment. The tradition of Loknis are gradually fading, as the brides are usually more mature and familiar with the environment at the in-laws’ place. However, younger sister or cousin usually accompanies the bride, even nowadays, to give her company.