Marriage Ritual-Fixing The Marriage Day

Precondition to Marriage

Ancient marriages gaverelative importance to days and hemispheres while fixing a marriage day. After the betrothal an auspicious day was fixed for the wedding ceremonies. Astrological considerations did not seem to play an important part in ancient times. As the union of the bride and the bridegroom was dependent on mutual attraction and love, there was not much scope for making matches on the actual calculation and determination of the movements of stars.

Simple Astrological Calculations

Moreover, though the ancient Hindus were acquainted with astronomy and astrology, the particular branch of astrology that deals with marriage was either not developed or was not much consulted for arranging a marriage. In the Gruhyasutras, the astrological considerations are very simple.

Time specific

Marriage was generally performed when the sun was in the northern hemisphere, in the bright half of a month and on an auspicious day. The later Smrtis, the Puranas, the mediaeval astrological works and the Nibandhas are very particular about fixing the proper time for every detail of the marriage ceremony.