Marriage Ritual-Mridaharana

Why is it performed?

A few days before the wedding as per SanatanDharma, the ceremony of Mridaharana(bringing some earth or clay) ceremony is performed. The origin of this ceremony is popular though it does not find mention in the ancient scriptures of the Hindus.

How is it performed?

This ceremony is found in the Paddhatis only.The Jyotirnibandha quoted by Gadadhara says, “In the beginning of every auspicious ceremony sprouts should be used for Mangala decoration. On the ninth, seventh, fifth or third day before the marriage, in an auspicious moment with music and dancing, one should go in the northern or eastern direction of his house to fetch the earth for growing sprouts in a pot of clay or a basket of bamboo.”

What is Haridralepanaritual?

Another ceremony performed before marriage is haridralepana or besmearing the bride and the bridegroom with ointment of turmeric root and oil, a day or two before the wedding. These substances besides being useful to the body are regarded as auspicious also.

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