The Dharma Sutra


Dharma Sutras in Scriptures
Dharma Sutras in Scriptures

The Dharma Sutras and the Grihya Sutras are considered to be two very important sources of knowledge in Hinduism. While the Grihya Sutras describe the duties of the householder and the domestic rites, the Dharma Sutras describe the rules and regulation for the proper discharge of Dharma i.e. law, religion, duty, customs, traditions etc. There are a lot of overlapping ideas in the Dharma Sutras and the Grihya Sutras.

The different duties and aspects of life elaborated in the Dharma Sutras are promised by the bridegroom, in front of the sacred fire, to be fulfilled in his lifetime. The rules and regulation of the Vivah or marriage are elaborated in the Ashram Dharma of the Dharma Sutra. Exhaustive details about the Madhuparka rites are also provided in the Dharma Sutras. Thus, the Dharma Sutras further elaborates on the different perspectives of the Grihya Sutras.

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