Thirumancheri temple is famous for marriage related activities. Those who do not get married or if their marriage gets delayed due to any reason, if they visit this temple, and pray to the deities, surely they will get their marriage finished quickly due to the grace of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

According to legend, once parvati tells her wish to Lord Shiva that she wants to have a wedding with the Lord in the earth. Parvathi then left Kailasa and lived as the daughter of the great sage Sree Bharata. After some time, Sage Bharata contacted Lord Shiva to get married with Parvati.

Here the bridegroom Lord Udhvaganathar also known as Kalyanasundarar and Goddess Kokilambal got married in this place before several thousands of years.

The temple attracts large number of crowds especially on Fridays. Since Fridays are considered as an auspicious day. Unmarried males and females must visit this temple and offer flower garlands and perform pujas and abhishekhams to the god and the goddess. After their prayer gets answered, again they have to come here for thanking the divine deities.

This temple was visited by Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar and Sundarar and they sung in praise of Lord Shiva.

This temple is located 6 Kms from Kutthalam. Thirumanancheri is one of the important temples of Lord Shiva. This temple is constructed by Chola Queen Sembiyanmadevi.

It is a holy place where the wedding of the divine deities took place.


  1. Durgai Amman
  2. Raghu Bhagavan
  3. Lord Vinayaka
  4.  Natarajar
  5.  Appar
  6. Sundarar
  7. Sambandar
  8. Manickavasagar
  9. Vishnu
  10. Lakshmi
  11. Bharatha Maharishi
  12. Saneeswarar
  13. Rudravaneswarar
  14. Rudravaneswari

Poojas and Festivals

  1. Daily Pooja
  2. Weekly Poojas
  3. Monthly Poojas
  4. Annual Poojas

During Navarathiri, Vijayadasami, Karthigai and Aruda Dharshanam, Temple Festivals takes place. Every year during Tamil month ‘Chithirai’ Thirukkalyanam Festival will be celebrated in a grand manner.




By visiting this temple, and praying to the divine father and mother, definitely we will get a blessed and a good married life. If we have utmost faith and dedication on Lord Shiva and Parvati, then immediately our prayers will be answered and our life will go smoothly. Since nowadays lot of misunderstandings occurs between the couples, it is advisable for them to visit this temple and worship the deities. After praying in this temple, they will get peace of mind and ego will be removed from their mind, and they will live in a cooperative manner adjusting with each other. They will also get good children through the blessings of Lord Shiva and Shakti, and their life will be flawless and peaceful.

Let us worship the divine god and goddess and be blessed.