Touching The Heart


· The Ritual

· The Mantra

The Ritual

Also known as Abhimantrana, the Hridaya Sparsa or Touching the Heart rite is performed by both the bride and the bridegroom. It is performed by the husband first, by placing his right hand on the right shoulder of the bride. This gesture symbolizes the touching of the heart by the husband, which is considered as the seat of emotions and affections. By touching the heart of the bride, feelings of love are aroused and the same emotion also touches the husband in turn, through the same medium. The bride also does the same in a vice versa manner.

The Mantra

The following mantra is chanted during the Hridaya Sparsa ceremony:

“Into my heart will I take thy heart,

Your body is like my body,

My voice echoes your mind

Your mind shall dwell into mine

In my word you shall rejoice

With all your Heart

May Repartition you to me

And keep us together in this body

Of love forever”

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