Meera, also known as Meera Bai or Mirabai (1498–1547) was a great poet and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

Meera was born into a Rajput royal family in Rajasthan, India. Most legends mention her devotion to Lord Krishna, and she was hated by her in-laws for her religious devotion.

Though Meera bai has written lot of poems in praise of Lord Krishna, only few of her poems were preserved.  These poems are commonly known as bhajans.

According to ancient records, it is known that Meera unwillingly married Bhoj Raj, the crown prince of Mewar, in 1516. Her husband was died in 1521.  Due to the dislike of her bhakti with Lord Krishna, her in-laws tried to kill her several times by poisoning, but she was not harmed due to the grace of Lord Krishna.

Mira Bai left the kingdom of Mewar, and went on pilgrimages. In her last years, Meera lived in Dwarka or Vrindavan, where legends state she miraculously disappeared by merging into an idol of Krishna in 1547.


  1. For me, Lord Krishna is everything, without the thoughts of Krishna, my life would be incomplete.
  2. Those who desire to get spiritual involvement must trust with Lord Krishna.
  3. It is the time for everybody to engage themselves in Krishna Bhakti, or otherwise, people would get addicted with worldly illusions.
  4. Always taste the sweetness of chanting the divine name “K R I S H N A”.
  5. Life would become bored for those who ignore Lord Krishna in their lives.
  6. I am not getting afraid of the people who surround me and who punishes me, since I have the hope that my dear Lord would always protects me, like a mother takes care of her child.
  7. Don’t waste even a single second of your life, without chanting the lovely names of Krishna.
  8. Oh! My Krishna! You are my Master! You are my God, guide, friend and also my father and mother!
  9. I don’t know why these foolish men are running behind other women and by doing that, they are wilfully walking to the path of the hell.
  10. Conquer your bad habits like lust, anger and greed, and try to devote more and more attention on worshipping my dear Lord Krishna.
  11. Only through Krishna Bhakti, we can attain Mukti.
  12. Oh! My dear Krishna, please take care of these poor ones, try to inculcate the Krishna Bhakti on those who pays much attention on enjoying worldly pleasures.
  13. Whenever I involve in the thoughts of Krishna, I forget even my hunger, sleep and everything in my life, since my main aim is to merge with my dear Lord Krishna.
  14. The sun has arisen, and my Lord has woken up, the temple bells rings faster. I want to walk to the temple soon, in order to see my beloved Lord Krishna again and again.