Murugan Bhakti Songs By Pamban Swamigal

Pamban Swamigal




Pamban Gurudasa Swamigal (19th century AD) also known as Pamban Swamigal, was a great saint and poet. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Murugan and he wrote bhakti songs on him. His samadhi is situated at Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, and his birth name was Appavu.

Pamban Swamigal was born in the year 1850 to a pious Hindu family in Rameswaram. He was an intelligent boy in his school days, he secured good marks in the exams, and he was highly praised by the teachers for his good conduct.

At his young age itself, he had the vision of Lord Muruga in his dream, and as per his instructions, he began to write wonderful poems on Lord Muruga in the Palm leaves with a wooden pen and ink. He considered Saint Arunagirinathar, the 15th century Murugan Devotee, as his Guru and offered regular prayers to him.

He also got married at his teenage, and he had three children. Due to his sincere bhakti, Lord Murugan had performed many miracles in his life, and he healed the sickness of his family members. He was considered as one of the best devotees of Lord Muruga, and he also got the “GNANA UPADESAM” directly from Lord Muruga itself, while he was performing meditation in a deep pit at Ramanathapuram, and from then onward he had got great spiritual enlightenment.

Some of the contents present in his nice collection of Bhakti songs are as follows:-

Oh My Lord Muruga, I bow before you and surrender at your lotus feet.

You are called as Kumara, Shanmuga and Senthil Andava and by several other names. You are the son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Please protect us from thieves and from our enemies and make us to live peacefully in this world.

Oh My Lord Muruga, I offer my sincere prayers to you. Please show me the spiritual path, and guide me throughout my life.

You are the great god who had fought bravely with the demon king Surapadma and even after killing him, you have made him as your vehicle peacock, you have been always praised by the pious sages like Agastiyar and Arunagirinathar, and you reside in the souls of all of your sincere devotees. Please protect us from dreaded diseases and give us a healthy body with a sound mind.

Oh My Lord Muruga, I worship you sincerely, and I am always thinking about your significance even without leaving a single second.

You are the god of the gods, and you are the best warrior god, and that’s why you are known as “SENATHIPATHI”. You have taught the wisdom to Lord Brahma himself, and you also gave “UPADESHAM” to your father Shiva himself, and by doing that holy act, he have become the Guru to Lord Shiva himself. Please protect us from the natural calamities like earth quake, storms and cyclones.

Oh My Dear Lord Muruga, you have married Ma Valli and Devasena as per their wishes, and you have been surrounded with your lovely consorts. I worship you and your consorts by chanting the divine mantras, and I never forget you forever in my life. Please remove the troubles and turmoil from our life, and help us to reach your holy abode, the “SKANDA LOKA”.

OM Lord Muruga, you look very attractive and you wear costly ornaments on your body. And those who continuously chant your names and mantras, and sanctifies you by performing Homams and Pujas would get your full grace, and they would be relieved from the chain of birth cycles. Please hear our cries, and give us a proper solution to our problems.

Oh My Child Muruga, You are looking similar to child Krishna, and you have performed lot of mischievous acts like putting Lord Brahma in prison and playfully fought with the Devas. Your Leelas cannot be explained fully even by your dear mother Ma Shakti Devi herself. Please remove our sins and our various Doshams like Brahmahathi Dosham, Pitru Dosham and Navagraha Dosham.

Oh Lord Muruga, I have been fully attracted with your divine beauty and I want to worship you always in my soul. Please be with us, and help us to cross the ocean of life.




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