Navarathri Sundal



Navarathri is an auspicious festival which would be celebrated for a continuous period of nine days. Among various Hindu festivals, Navarathri festival occupies a significant place in Hinduism, since this festival is celebrated by keeping golu dolls in our homes, and also by preparing various varieties of delicious sundal. Sundal is made out of various pulses, and it is rich in terms of nutritional values.

Each day, a different variety of sundal would be prepared, and after performing puja and after offering it to the holy goddess Ma Duga, it would be distributed amongst the participants of the puja. This festival is also a form of thanks giving ceremony to Ma Durga, who is protecting us in our every walk of life. Sundal varieties would be fondly prepared by the mother to give it to their children. They also would distribute the remaining quantity of sundal to the neighbours and to the relatives.  Without eating sundal on Navarathri days, we cannot fully enjoy the Navarathri festival. This Navarathri festival is celebrated since ancient times, and during the time of king’s rule, they would arrange for distribution of sweets and savouries to their people with the help of their soldiers.  During the previous Dwapara Yuga, the great Pandavas used to grandly celebrate the Navarathri Festival, and after the performance of puja, Ma Durga used to appear in front of them, and blessed them.

Navarathri festival is celebrated in most of the Hindu temples. In some temples, Golu dolls also would be kept for public view. The great Marathi King, Sri Chatrapati Shivaji used to celebrate Navarathri in a grand manner, by visiting Ma Tulja Bhavani temple.

By performing Durga puja in our homes, and by preparing and offering sundal to the holy goddess, we would get all kinds of prosperity in our life, and our life would blossom like a fresh lotus flower.