Pati Bhakti




Pati Bhakti is a popular term which was used in ancient times. If we refer to our holy Puranas or Vedas, mention would there about Pati Bhakti and about the holy women. Pati Bhakti means respect given by a wife to her husband in a highly honourable manner. Most of the ancient women were very good in Pati Bhakti, and due to that, they have possessed great powers. No one can even touch the great Patnis with a bad intention, since they would get burnt at the sight of the chaste and noble women. The great Bhagavathas like Prahalada and Dhruva have highly honoured the patnis, and the pious wives of the sages, and considered them as worshipful women Rishis.

Ma Renuka Devi, the pious, chaste and the holy consort of Rishi Jamadagni can be cited as a best example with regard to her Pati Bhakti. Once Ma Ma Renuka accidently saw a Gandharva only for a few seconds, since she was amazed at the beauty of the Gandharva. But she didn’t think it with a bad intention on her mind. But however, her consort, Jamadagni even after knowing about the holiness and chastity of his consort Ma Renuka, punished her by asking his son Parasurama to severe her head. Even at that time also, the worshipful mother, didn’t question him, and she didn’t get angry with him. She obediently bowed her head before Jamadagni, and as per the orders of his father, Parasurama had chopped off her head. After seeing about her good qualities, all the Devas who have assembled in the skies, began to shower various fragrant flowers on her head. By doing a great life sacrifice, we can consider Ma Renuka as one of the best and chaste female goddess. She is now having temples all over the India, and she is worshipped as Ma Renuki Devi and also as Yellama Devi by the devotees.

Likewise we can consider Ma Arunthathi, Anusuya and Ma Ahalya, as the best example for showing Pati Bhakti on their consorts. Ancient queens also were considered similar to the Divine goddesses since they have shown their ultimate love and affection on their consorts, and they were declared as the best chaste women. For the sake of their consorts, these noble women would even sacrifice their lives. Most of the ancient women would immolate themselves in the pyre of their husband, since they didn’t like to live a life after the death of their consorts.

But nowadays due to changes in technology and due to the advancement in the world, everything was drastically changed, and we cannot expect that much Pati Bhakti from women, though they are very good and pure in their souls. Women are treated similar to male, and they have been given freedom in all respects. Since they are independent on their own, they didn’t want themselves to be treated as servants by their husbands. This change must be definitely accepted, since we have to adjust ourselves to the changing scenario in the world.