Prayer To Lord Ganesh

Invocation to Lord Ganesh Before Starting Any Activity

\"+¡ O"sNL> X"`p@¡pY", _"tY"ê @¡pu{J> _"X" T"øW"#$

{S"{\"êCS"z @s¡á¡ X"u Qu\", ðpsW" @¡pY"uê^"s _"\"êQp$

Vakra-Tunda-Mahakaaya, Surya-Koti-Sam-Prabhah.

Nirvighnam-Kuru-Me-Deva, Subha-Karyeshu-Sarvadaa.

O elephant headed and large bodied Lord, radiant as a thousand Suns, I

ask for your grace so that this task that I am starting may complete

without any hindrances.