Prayer To Lord Rama

Prayer to Lord Rama

ZpX"pY" ZpX"W"çpY", ZpX"E"SçpY" \"uQ_"u$

ZC"sS"pP"pY" S"pP"pY", _"rO"pY" T"O"Y"u S"X"#$

Raamaya raama bhadraaya, raamchandraaya vedase, raghunaathaya

naathaaya, siitaaya pataye namah.

My salutations to Lord Sri Ram, the protector of all, one who knows all,

the descendent of the Raghu dynasty. the husband of Sita and the Lord of

the entire universe.

drZpX"E"Sç E"ZNppv X"S"_"p _X"Zp{X", dr ZpX"E"Sç E"ZNppv \"E"_"p BpwNpp{X"

drZpX"E"Sç E"ZNppv {ðpZ_"p S"X"p{X", dr ZpX"E"Sç E"ZNppv ðpZNpz T"øT"üu$

Shree Raamchandra charanau manasaa smaraami,

Shree Raamchandra charanau vachasaa granaami,

Shree Raamchandra charanau shirasaa namaami

Shree Raamchandra charanau sharnam prapadye

I worship the feet of Sri Ramchandra ji in my mind,

I worship his feet with my speech,

I bow my head to his feet with great reverence,

I surrender myself to his presence.

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