Prayer To Lord Subrahmanya

Prayer to Lord Subrahmanya

c"pS"ðp[×O"R"Z _@¡SQ, \"Ú“r@¡ÚY"pNp _"sSQZ,

Qu\"_"uS"p X"S"# @¡pSO", @¡p{O"ê@u¡Y" S"X"pu&_O"sO"u$

Gyan-shkatidhar skand valle kalyana sundara,

Devasenaa manah kannta kaartikeya namo-stute

Adorations to Lord Kartikeya who is know as Skanda, who holds the staff

of wisdom, who is the beautiful beloved of Goddess Valle, Who is the

enchanter of the mind of Goddess Devasena, to that Divine Kartikeya I

offer adorations again and again.