Prayer to Mother Durga

Prayer to Mother Durga

QlBpuê _X"wO"p `Zp{_" W"r{O"X"ðpu^"G"SO"pu#,

_\"_PY"v# _X"wO"p X"{O"X"O"r\" ðpsW"pz QQp{_"$

QpqZçY" Ql#A" W"Y"`pqZNpr @¡p O\"QSY"p,

_"\"puêT"@¡pZ @¡ZNppY" _"QpQê{E"OO"p$

Durge smritaa harast bheetimashesha-jantoh, Swasthyaih smritaa

matimeeva shubhaam dadaasi, Daaridrya duhkha bhayahaarinee kaa

twadanyaa, Sarvopakaara karanaaya sadaardra-chitta.

O Mother Durga, whoever remembers you during a difficult situation, is

freed of all forms of fear. When called to the mind by those who are in a

healthy condition, You grant them a pure intellect. Who is there but you –

the dispeller of poverty, pain and fear. Whose heart is ever compassionate

for doing good to everyone.